Dawn Thoughts – August 1, 2014



dawn thoughts
walking through another day
silence my companion


trouble and strife
companions of existence …
questions without answers
solutions – new problems
we call all this living


the gull flies closely
to grab a bite of bread
the ducks squawk loudly
chasing away the bandits
the pigeon ate his fill


14 thoughts on “Dawn Thoughts – August 1, 2014

  1. The three japanese poems are marvelous…
    But, I liked very much the Tanka in particular. Really powerful, deep and philosophical..
    Thanks for sharing, cara Georgia.
    Best wishes Aquileana 😛


    • Thanks Aquileana … did you know that I now have a blog on blogger dedicated to Japanese poetry. For the mo, it’s mostly prompts until I can build it up a little.


  2. The first two are so moving and so sad — but — I love that you ended with a burst of humor — that naughty (but perfectly timed) pigeon! But that’s life isn’t it — while we’re fighting one bandit, another sneaks in unnoticed.



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in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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