Dawn Thoughts – August 2, 1014

Thoughts About Persimmons …

This morning I was thinking about persimmons.  Here in Trentino, as indeed most of northern Italy, you can find persimmon trees all over the place.  In private or public gardens they abound and when it’s persimmon season the ground under the trees are often covered with this delicious fruit.

The persimmon is a delicate fruit which looks kind of like an orange tomato.  Some new breeds have a thicker skin, but the classical persimmon is thin-skinned, it’s fruit reminds me of jelly and when ripe is very sweet with its own particular flavor.

You can find persimmons for sale for about 3 weeks to a month, then nothing until the next autumn.  Often people just can’t gather all the fruit from their persimmon trees and so the garden becomes a lurid muck of rotting fruit, so people are usually happy if you’ll take some off their hands! They can’t be preserved and you can’t even make a decent jelly out of the fruit.

I think this is one of the few fruits that has defied our push to conquer nature.  It refuses to comply, like apples or oranges.  Not even the new breeds can be conserved for months on end like apples which have become the symbol of our region.  Bravo for the persimmon tree!  Of course the birds love this tree and no one chases them off.

Here are some photos of  persimmon trees that can be found in Riva del Garda, Arco and in the fields around my house.  Aren’t they cool in their stark leaflessness with only the fruit there to decorate the tree?

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ripe persimmons
colorful sybil of winter
in Trentino

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai . Shuukan

23 thoughts on “Dawn Thoughts – August 2, 1014

  1. This is gorgeous — I loved the images — what beautiful trees! Though I can imagine being inundated by this type of fruit would be a pain in the backside, too. And thanks for telling us more about the persimmons. I’ve never eaten one, believe it or not! I was looking all over for them today in two grocery stores – none to be found – but now that I’ve read your post I know why!

    A delightful read —


    • 🙂 I’m not really surprised you’ve never eaten one … I think persimmons can be found in the States but as they’re not highly commerciable it might be hard to find them outside of a farmer’s markets or something of the sort … and certainly none at this time of year. I forgot to day they were originally from the far east if I’m not mistaken. Glad you enjoyed the post.


      • Yes, I saw on Wikipedia that they were Eastern. I remember seeing them in the grocery before … but … evidently I saw them in a different time of year. Oh well!

        Any advice on choosing one that’s appropriately ripe? I’m terrible at choosing ripe fruit — but you’ll learn about that in the kyoka. 🙂


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