A Nonsense Story – August



Obelix , Superman and Hänsel&Gretel
Met a dragon with a wheelbarrow
Whilst collecting some young icicles
For  the lovely Ice Queen’s party
In her summer palace …

A dragon was going their way,
So he offered to help them …
He let them use his wheelbarrow
To carry the icicles,
So they wouldn’t melt away …

They then met a black cat
Who was strolling along
With a yellow toothed dog,
Who joined the fine group
Instead of going home …

A greek God and Goddess
Drove by in a blue car …
Instead of a radio …
A saxophonist played the blues
Accompanied by a chicken violinist.

They all gathered together
Before the bright palace
Each baring some gift …
For the Ice Queen’s name day feast
In her summer palace.

A raven announced them one by one
As they came up to her throne.
Then they went to the buffet
And had some strong wine
Served in cups, with bright yellow flowers.

The Ice Queen’s young lover …
Flirted openly with young Gretel
As the party roared on
He became quite drunk …
And soon ran amok.

The chicken violinist
Played Mozart and Bach …
The saxophonist played
Laid-back rhytmic jazz,
To the delight of them all.

It was right about midnight,
When a pretty young maiden …
Started running around
Shouting she had to be off,
Chased by a princess in a bright blue gown.

The guests went away happy and bright
For they’d never had such a wonderful night.

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