Gustav Klimt – August 9, 2014

shadowGustav in his kaftan
painting his summer garden
his colors vibrant

(C) G.s.k. ’14

Gustav Klimt is one of my favorite painters … I discovered him late in life.  I’ve always love the Impressionists and post Impressionists but art nouveau was not my cup of tea … until I came to live in Trentino.  A few years back, at the Mart of Rovereto there was a special exhibition entitled: Schiele, Klimt, Kokoschka and Viennese friends.  I fell in love with Klimt.

He’s famous for his “ladies” but he also did landscapes among other things.

Gustav Klimt Farm Garden With Crucifix - 1912 Oil on Canvas Art Nouveau

Gustav Klimt
Farm Garden With Crucifix – 1912
Oil on Canvas Art Nouveau

18 thoughts on “Gustav Klimt – August 9, 2014

      • I do believe mental health help was not as it is today…it is amazing looking at the art work at some mental health facilities…just wow! I am not sure about Klimt but Van Gogh suffered severe depression…I am only just realizing how better I write when I am miserable, so one must wonder if it is being more in touch with self. Interesting concept whether it is true or not, it comforts me.


        • You know, I find the opposite is true in my case, when I’m feeling miserable my brain just stops working … I don’t like what I write at all if I can write anything. I just want to read and sleep.


  1. A shame that these sensitive types have suffered so much …..

    I imagine that exhibition must have been marvelous. Klimt is amazing; I’m not sure what to think of Schiele yet the work is very intriguing.

    It’s a wonderful haiku – capturing the artist at work, somewhat vulnerable – very nice!!


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