Sunday Whirl – The Dust Bowl – August 10, 2014

Here are the words:

WordleBend under those pails of water
Too heavy to stand-up straight
But today we irrigate the grain.
The distant sybil of rain
Another ephemeral promise unfulfilled …
We’ve looked to the east
And then we looked to the west
Wondering what we should do,
To limit the dust wind’s damage
In case the rain failed once again …
Now, as we take the short shaded lane
The dust flies into our eyes …
Kansas is just a dust bowl
I think we’ll soon leave these parts.

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More Information about the depression and the great storms that created the dust bowl:

These were also the photo sources.


28 thoughts on “Sunday Whirl – The Dust Bowl – August 10, 2014

  1. The Depression in the 1930 occurred when the population of the world was about 2 billion. It is about 7 billion today. I would like to think that there is some grand plan for sustainability. I do want to see it published as a sort of assurance for the future. Am I just kidding myself?


    • Dear Oldegg,

      History has a tendancy to repeat itself, probably because we don’t actually control anything though we’ve been taught that we are the masters of the planet and we suffer from a perminent case of historical amnesia.

      Droughts happen, epidemics happen, world economic crunches are periodical … if you add that to the singular greed of those who have and the passivity of those that don’t, racial prejudices, class prejudices, religious prejudices etal … you have a formula for a very bad scenerio, basically because we never seem to learn how to live together … we make magnificent tools and don’t know how to control ourselves. Like giving a child a machine gun and telling him not to pull the trigger.

      So in a world with over 7 billion people, an economical crisis that’s been building ever worse over the last 10 years or so and all our power of mass destruction, I think maybe we were better off in 1930 and that was a very bad period, which brought about the second world war.

      I wish there were a grand plan for sutainability … but I don’t see any signs pointing in that direction. It’s still everyone for himself in a situation where we have to pull together.

      Sorry, Bastet.


  2. Oh my goodness!!! What do I think? Wonderful ! Exquisite poem in form – content and presentation (the slide show is brilliant). If this hasn’t bern submitted for publication – please do not hesitate!


  3. How dust can hit hard…poetically there is a resolution…to survive..move forward and on…we must tell ourselves that so that our imagination and hope never runs dry


  4. I liked the poem. Also liked the interchange with Old Egg. We do have to pull together and it goes against our natural instincts. But, to survive, we must. First, though, we must find politicians that understand that.


    • Thanks Elizabeth, I’m happy the you enjoyed the post and the exchange. They were particularly hard times that are slipping from our memory I think … history should never be forgotten it helps us focus the present better.


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