The March of Evolution – August 12, 2014

Keith Haring

from the innocence of angelhood
when humanity had yet to kill with a club
there dawned a thought … and then a word

invention and ingenuity
hallmarked the emerging species
using tools, he changed his fate …

solidarity was born to organize
the cohabitation of the beasts
into one cohesive piece

oligarchy bloomed
so the wise elite could guide
the less inventive sheep

then upon the corpses of evolution:
marriage was created
to regulate mankind’s sexuality …

religion to tie men together
and help curb his instincts
by using abstract rationality …

they invented organized war
to find an outside enemy
to keep the group united …

now they stand – masters of the planet
misguided bands of pompous angels
thinking that the universe was created for them

but inside their souls they’re still
innocent instinctive animals
who can barely curb their passions.

magpie tales statue stamp 185

16 thoughts on “The March of Evolution – August 12, 2014

  1. Youch! Very true. The oligarchy keeps coming up with one regulation after another — but in the end, they’re no more noble or elegant or kind or wise or just than the “less intelligent sheep” they’ve been herding. Brava!


    • I don’t think that it’s ignorance or wisdom that works here but “nature” … I’ve alas been bombarded by years of documentaries about animals because of my three sons and there is a constant with gregarious animals … oligarchy. We put the name to it but it’s been around a long time. You know the so-called alpha animals that in some groups become the only ones to procreate and in other’s lord it over all the rest of the colony. My bone picking here is that we believe that we are being outside nature or above nature, but we act no better than the rest of the animals on this planet … with the exception that we think we’re better and superior and having all the means of destrution that we have are really very dangerous because of this bit of ignorance. If we’d just accept the fact that we are animals and work on our inner beasts realizing that we are not without instinct and inner priorities dictated by outmoded survival techniques, we might even become a evolutionary work of art.


  2. Very appropriate for our times , i see they have closed the airspace over Ferguson….can they curb their passions at all ?? Cheers


    • alas … to curb passions you’ve got to know what’s behind them, accept them and then work on the moving cause behind them … basic psychoanalytic approach. As a species, we’ve learned to think outside the box … but we’re in denial when it comes to realizing that we’re like the other angels of our planet … driven by emotional priorieties we barely understand or accept. Thanks for your comments …


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