An Angel In The Box – August 13, 2014

An Angel In The Box


Hidden inside the mystic box
An angel sleeps in purist innocence
Without pretension
Without deceit
Awaiting each man to discover it.

When once we’ve seen its lovely face
We’ll know that we’ve not fallen from grace …
We only live in self-induced ignorance
Believing the angel,
To be extinct.

The innocence of our fellow beasts
Is that they’ve never thought of themselves
As being the perfection of the Universe
But only creatures surviving as best they could.

So let’s look inside the mystic box,
Understand our inner nature at last …
So that we can finally move on,
Taking our instincts into hand
Go outside our box and then,
Walk with our angel in a different land.

N.b. this poem refers to yesterday’s poem, “The March of Evolution

Written for Mindlovesmisery Menagerie

10 thoughts on “An Angel In The Box – August 13, 2014

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    • I don’t know about external influences … but I’m pretty sure about internal ones, I’m happy this poem inspired your lovely series of elfje which I enjoyed reading very much!


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