Red Wolf Wordle – August 15, 2014

 Vanity Fair



Vanity – Auguste Toulmouche, 1890


Life has its odd little swings
Self doubt can bring your world crashing down
Caught in a fish-net of asylum madness
The dust of an inner alley can chill your bones …

Looking in the mirror at her image
She froze becoming a pillar of salt
That glassy face of paper mache
Stared at her, so frayed and mushroom white.

Funny how carnival mirrors made her laugh
Way back in nineteen forty-four,
Now her proud youthful perfection’s gone,
Those same mirrors are a horror in twenty-fourteen.

The roots of her problem – her vanity fair
That strokes her ego and drapes her heart,
Too much water has passed under the bridge
The crisp freshness of her youth was gone.

Fight she may the ravages of time
With pure white Dove, the soap of the stars,
But the wrinkles lay claim to her face …
Her bulbous red nose was now her disgrace.

So she went to her master Beelzebub
To sell her soul for the luxury of youth …
Flew she then through the air on his blackened wings
Through time in his mystic time machine.

Gone were the wrinkles – gone was the flab
And once again it was great to admire herself.
She smiled from ear to shining ear …
Forgetting there would be a price to pay.

But time unstopped kept marching forward …
And great was her consternation to observe
That time like water erodes all things …
Then brings low every mortal, man or beast.

Finally Death knocked upon her door …
She was not humbled nor penitent,
But horror met her as she walked through the gates
She saw her wreaked face in a thousand mirrors.



Happy Notes: life doubt swings
Misky: legs stood crashing
Debi: fight mushroom fiery
Viv: sturdy stern strokes
Ron: nose found ear
Nicole: low asylum dust
Barbara: luxury alley chills
Irene: fishnet glassy rang
Roslyn: frayed wings clasped
Sabra: water roots froze
Jules: soap salt bread
Miss Stacy: turn white soap
Hannah: crisp air gone
C.C.  proud great claim
PuffOfSmoke: miles face mirror
Anya: fence drapes paper

These words were collected from last week’s contributors of the Red Wolf‘s poetic prompt #218 “Time Travel”.

23 thoughts on “Red Wolf Wordle – August 15, 2014

  1. That time like water erodes all things …
    Then brings low every mortal, man or beast.

    Very good treatment Georgia! You told a story only too well. The words moved smoothly. One must always be mindful there is a finality in life! Great!



  2. Masterful storytelling in this piece. I loved it. Suspenseful and rich. Thanks for playing along this week at We Wordle, and hope to see you regularly!

    ~ Misky


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    • Oh … it was supposed to … she sold her soul to the Devil to be young but he didn’t give her immortality or eternal youth … so eventually she went to hell and paid her debt.


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    • Ach … I just about became a pillar of salt yesterday looking for music by Simon and Garfunkel … I’d not seen the “lads” since the 70s … wow, what a change!


      • I stopped recognizing the ‘new’ upcoming stars years ago. It seems I recognize more of who is ‘going’…

        I remember a few years back when The Who did a sports half time show…not that I would have necessarily known then when they were younger… but too many had suggested that they retire.

        Age is relative. Or is that ‘relatives’ make us age?


        • LOL … lovely pun. A little of both in this case. I listen to about anything at least once … comes with having kids and grandkids who play their music for me 🙂


          • I did introduce my boys to the older Beatles tunes. And caught myself more than once saying…can you play something different?…

            I’m not sure what music my guys like. Most of it is just too loud. And at the moment lullabies are good for the grandkiddies. That and Sesame Street tunes 🙂


          • I remember way back when … my two eldest sons were looking down on my music acumen … we were in the 80s then and they had some strange ideas about the music of the 60s … until I introduced them to Steppenwolf, Hendrix and Deep Purple. I also used to rap them at times. So, loud music as in growling – heavy metal and all that doesn’t really bother me 😉


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