Sunday Whirl on Monday – August 18, 2014


demimonde, myself, asylum, gray, oranges, candle, grand, reborn, rites, Africa, transgression

The witch doctor from Africa
Had made his mark in the Parisian demimonde,
He’d sought asylum in France,  from a revolution
Of the sanest scientific nature …
The rites of passage had been banned,
As were initiations and castrations
No longer did the ladies infibulate their daughters,
And the government had banned candle light
For electric illumination.
The grand high priest of voodoo
Was happy when he realized
That his rites were appreciated
In the illuminated scientific west …
Reborn were the sacrifices
The oranges, whiskey, tobacco and bones
Littered the ground as the candles glowed
Somehow making the day turn grey ….
“Transgression of the spirit world
Has been over-come … I declare by myself!”
He stated to the journalist of Le Monde.


The Sunday Whirl

19 thoughts on “Sunday Whirl on Monday – August 18, 2014

    • I’ve just gotten around to reading a few … hadn’t thought about the meanng of demimonde in any other since … in our age of vampires, I guess I’ve been remiss. Glad you enjoyed my word play Vivi!


  1. Black magic and voodoo culture can give an eerie feel. It makes the journey more mysterious . But it can be a voyage of discovery as well! Wonderful write Georgia!



    • I’ve never indulged 😉 But in an age where everything is consumerism and dry economy, I can imagine where a little voodoo would be a relief to a downtrodden over-indulged society.


    • Who knows … I just thought it’s funny how in “primitive” nations they’re doing everything they can to irradicate superstition and it’s the be all fashion of our “civilized” western culture. 😉


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