The Wharf – Wordleing – August 26, 2014

wordle-231. Spade 2. Sail 3. Kite 4. Anodyne (pain-killer) 5. Waif 6. Percussive (shocked, appalling) 7. Skein (tangle, flock) 8. Flimsy 9. Zero 10. Magnify 11. Powder 12. Awry


The waif plays on the wharf
Setting to sail her merry kite,
As the her grandmother watches on,
Untangling the skein of yarn.

What better anodyne
Than a peaceful loving scene
To free my mind of horror
Of a world that’s gone awry?

Yet the scene like a percussive negation
Magnifies the pain inside my mind
These flimsy views of innocence
Are a spade that digs a darker tomb.

I smell the smell of gun powder
I hear the cries of children injured
Clapping my hands to my ears
I cannot silence the world.

(C) G.s.k. ’14

9 thoughts on “The Wharf – Wordleing – August 26, 2014

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