7 thoughts on “Silent Sunday – August 31, 2014

  1. I don’t think we had sidewalk chalk in multiple colors back in the Jurassic age when I was coming up. Did you know there are even crayons that operate like a mechanical pencil nowadays?
    Gosh I was deprived!
    I want to invite you to the new home of Wordless Wednesday (on Tuesday) at http://image-in-ing.blotspot.com/ each week at midnight Tuesday, EST. And you’re welcome to share your blog button for your recurring link-up at the page devoted to Wordless linkups – just remember to use your main blog url rather than a link to an individual post.


    • When I was a kid … I did have colored chalk but it was for blackboards not sidewalks, though I did a lot of drawing on the tarmack with those anyway … we spent hours “building” houses and “furnishing” them. And of course the inevitable hopscotch (round and the straight ones too). Never heard of the crayons that work like a mechanical pencil … probably haven’t made it to Italy yet!

      Lovely Idea for the WW and I liked like to take advantage of the invitation … but your link doesn’t lead me to a page only to the generic blogspot.com opening page. Not even the search page works! “just remember to use your main blog url rather than a link to an individual post” … usually it works the other way around … but then I’m not sure what you mean about sharing my blog button …


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