Sunday Whirl — On Monday! September 1, 2014

This week’s Sunday Whirl as our host Brenda tells us:

“These words came from a political pamphlet left on my door.”


They are:  serve, collaborate, contact, listen, chat, compromise, state, time, community, care, decades, concerns


Let me get on my soapbox
So I can tell you of my concerns
After decades of senseless compromise
Our community has gone to h..ades!

The care we’ve put into endless chat
Has served nothing to uplift the poor
The state of this sorry world is only,
Growing day by day worse and worse…

Listen to me everyone, if you can,
The time has really come, I think,
To ask the thorny question:  is it better
To collaborate with the rich one percent
Or help change this selfish world?

14 thoughts on “Sunday Whirl — On Monday! September 1, 2014

    • Thanks jae rose … I think lots of people do listen … the problem is what to do and how to go beyond this state of affairs. We don’t have a very good history of thinking in a “mass” … basically we follow leaders who seem to know what they’re doing … and probably do, but not for the greater whole.


  1. To lead or to follow, that’s one question that everybody must choose an answer. But some of us prefer standing in the shadows, either laughing or just crying.


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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