Tackling Tuesday – Simplicity – September 5, 2014

Time to reflect again on Sivananda’s Song of the ’18-ity’s – today is simplicity – and on Carpe Diem Tackle it Tuesday we look into the subject simplicity through art – so go by and look into the original post which I think you’ll enjoy!

globe of orange delight
cascading petals

the child’s reply
to a difficult question
a lesson to learn
in naif simplicity
life is a wonderful game

the spider weaves
complicated webs
with simplicity

three strokes of a brush
an entire tree
painted with simplicity

autumn colors
a field of red grape vines
against a blue sky

9 thoughts on “Tackling Tuesday – Simplicity – September 5, 2014

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in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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