Autumn Nights – Haiku – September 6, 2014

dark starless night
the wind whispers its message
autumn has arrived

awaiting morning sun
a dark passing enchantment
foreboding winter

church bells ring the hour
clanging chimes announcing
cycles continue

counting the hours
time moves ever on
eternal voyage

Mindlovesmisery’s Menageries – Heeding Haiku with Ha

11 thoughts on “Autumn Nights – Haiku – September 6, 2014

  1. I notice the change with the sun setting and rising earlier and then look forward to the first day of winter when the length of day minutely increases 🙂

    I like all, but the first one with wind whispered messages… just lovely.

    My hubby is ‘blond’ too… and yet his hair has turned white! Many shades of ‘ash’ 🙂

    Cheers, Jules


    • Lucky husband … I’d so looked forward to greying early but it’s just not happening. For a while I “sunstreaked” my hair and then passed a summer without doing that and I didn’t even notice the difference.

      Glad you like the series. I also love to watch the sun doing it’s seasonal dances. Especiall after the 21st of December. Now, if we didn’t have to get all the cold wet stuff that “makes me bone ache” I’d have no objections. The bummer this year is we didn’t have a summer … it would be warm one day and then we’d have a week of rain and cold. Hopefully this will not become the norm!


      • I was a strawberry blonde turned mousy brown. Remember when folks did the frosted thing – kind of like highlights but to mask where the ‘grey, white, silver’ was taking over. That’s what mine is doing now all on it’s own.

        Our summer didn’t get outrageously hot. I remember visiting family in Arizona in the 1980’s and it was 110 F. in the shade. The natives pretty much stayed in during the heat of the day. So you pretty much knew who the tourists were.


        • Ah … yes .. that’s what I did for awhile and then didn’t need to anymore 🙂 saved me 60 euro every two months!

          We were back in the States two years ago during the heatwave in the MidWest … and my husband insisted on trying to go for a walk in the small town my sister lives in. People kept stopping wondering if he was ok. But the thing that really freaked him out was that there was not a single cafè where he could sit down and have a beer or even a glass of water 😉 He was a little too happy to get home to Italy I’m afraid.


          • I did get to visit Italy with my hubby for a week or so a few years back – in the summer, during a drought.

            Different life style. Different country. It is all in what one is used to. 🙂


          • Sure is, here we live in one huge city if one looks at it carefully, my sister thought it was weird that you could buy a glass of beer with your hamburger at McDonald’s … she evern took a photo 😉 … maybe you were in Italy one of the summers I was in the States … in the meantime … this summer made up amply for the drought of a few years back.


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