Friday Fictioneers – The Bath – September 12, 2014

For Friday Fictioneers:

Copyright - Janet Webb

Copyright – Janet Webb

Laying back in the tub
mind wandering in the mist …
perfumed water,
delights my skin and nose
I wander …
in a fairy world of senses
candle-light and soft music,
is there no sense I’ve forgotten
this Sunday afternoon
of total full immersion in pleasure

Sound, smell, vision, touch …
and …
Yes ..
the last but most important –
my bitter-sweet piece of chocolate.

Languorous …
the troubles of the world melt
with the hot water –
Silly thoughts:
maybe our leaders need to bathe more …
funny …
many saints never took bathes,
was that Saint Claire or Agnes?
(c) G.s.k.

25 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – The Bath – September 12, 2014

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  2. Oh my — can’t forget the chocolate with that bath! 😉
    But you do have to wonder — would the world be a better place if people took even a half-hour to pamper themselves in a warm bath (wine and/or chocolate optional) every once in a while? Less crabby perhaps?


    • Yes … life’s become a rat race .. running everywhere with no time to just lay back a little and really relax … not get droned by the tv or anything like that … just lay back and exist.

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  3. Dear Georgia, Cute story and feels so comfy. I love baths in the cooler months. When I lived on the farm (before we built a pool) we had no air conditioning. So – we would take baths in the cold, cold, cold water – it was heaven and would chill us to the bone then it would take all night to warm us up (I exaggerate a little). Thanks for a sweet story! Nan 🙂


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