Walking in the Mist near the Lake – September 12, 2014

Falling leaves,
season’s passing and
still my heart is longing
for the blossoms
of spring … and,
the warmth of summer …
The new wine
holds no delight for me
too sweet
without aroma
nor harmony …
Still the days grow short
and wandering along
this empty shore-line
I try to define
what love is
or isn’t …
I’ve got no answers,
just a million questions …
I wonder why
promises are never kept
by the ones who woo you …
but not abandoned
ah … too bad,
I watch the rain
standing by this window sill,
imagining freedom –
walking in the mist
near the lake.

19 thoughts on “Walking in the Mist near the Lake – September 12, 2014

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  2. Trying out some free verse again — very good, my dear! Was really pulled into this — and while I hurt knowing that you’re experiencing this, it was good to have a kindred spirit in these lines — have spent a lot of time these days trying to sort out love, disillusionment, abandonment ….. and freedom most of all.

    sending hugs —-


    • Well .. I was reflecting on myself, but also on the hard questions my son asks … like the sense of life … what is love, does it really exist. Frankly speaking there are so many questions but I really don’t have any formulas let alone answers to offer. Thanks for the hugs and I hug you back.

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  3. A very interesting and evocative piece that is descriptive and sorrowful, yet filled with hope and promise. Wonderful introspection – and I love the line:

    imagining freedom –
    walking in the mist
    near the lake.

    just so well done 🙂


      • Glad then that you found it “warm and fuzzy” — if this is the type of homecoming you wanted, despite the subject matter.

        Hmmm ….I’m not sure if I’m expressing myself clearly – it’s really early here. (4:30 a.m.)

        I hope it was a good writing experience for you. 🙂


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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