7:00 – Free Verse – September 13, 2014

Church bells ring the hour
each one chimes its own time,
creating echoes in the valley –
7:00 lasts for a while …

The birds are silent
not a sparrow, blackbird or crow
not even the cock crows –
in the background –
traffic flows,
the factories moan,
and a helicopter
swoops over my house …

The sun  tops the Veiled mountain,
shrouded as always in its white robe,
light radiates off the rooves
in brilliance, silver bright,
puffs of vapor swirl in tiny clouds …

Wasps begin to buzz
a dog barks
there … in the distant woods
a bird chirps
ah – at last!
A new day has begun.



16 thoughts on “7:00 – Free Verse – September 13, 2014

  1. Wow, (I prefer it when my new day starts a little later than 7:00 😉 ) that was beautiful, full of senses. What a nice way to start a morning 😀
    (I just checked on my phone’s internal dictionary because it looked a bit fishy but it should be “roofs”. It’s one of those annoying words…)
    The speakeasy’s back if you want to … umm… play? I don’t really know what word I should use :/


    • How nice to see you! Alas you’re right but you’re wrong too: The plural of roof is roofs or rooves. “Rooves” is an older form of the word and rarely used these days. Australian children right up to the 1980s, for example, were brought up with the word “rooves” rather than roofs, and it is still an accepted form in Australia today (though uncommon). Also, despite New Zealand English developing from UK English, it should be noted that in NZ, the plural of roof is rooves, in both its written and spoken form.

      Ah … I’ll have to check that out! I’ve changed my e-mail server. Thanks for letting me know dearest .. hope your summer went well .. here it did nothing but rain. But it looks like we’re going to have some lovely autumn day (if not evenings because now it rains at night) 😉 Thanks for reading and I’m glad you enjoyed the poem!


      • Ah that’s interesting…
        I noticed you weren’t participating so I was wondering if maybe you didn’t know it was back on. My summer went very well thanks for asking, I had four weeks of camping in total (two and two) and the weather was mostly sunny apart from the occasional hailstorm, rainstorm, or rain 😉
        I won’t have much time for reading this year 😦 but I saw your poem this morning and I really liked it.
        I hope your summer went well despite the rain and I look forward to seeing you around the speakeasy!


        • Yes English spelling can be interesting … and a bother!

          Glad to hear you’ve had a great summer .. here not so good, but am living a nice autumn so won’t complain. I’ll try to get over to speakeasy, I have to have them sent the notifications to my new e-mail address! Hope the year won’t be too busy to write and read a little. I’ve been having problems reading too this summer but hopefully that problem will straighten itself out soon.


          • Well I have a lot of work but I hope I’ll always have a little time to write and read but I doubt I’ll be reading much else than the speakeasy (and the last of my summer reading books before Wednesday).
            What do you do in life? Like do you work? (For example I go to school and I am now in the highest non-adult branch of Scouts (et Guides) de France. I also do rock climbing on Thursdays if I have the courage to go after 4h of class and 2h of sports (running) ).

            Liked by 1 person

          • My you are busy and that is fantastic! Writing must be built on experience too … and at your age this is the time to get it! 🙂


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in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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