Sunday Whirl on Monday – Blood Tests – September 15, 2014


By Brenda Warren

My blood just turned into jello
as I went to the hospital for tests,
no words can describe the anxiety
that pestered me that day …

Though I know I should not fear,
there’s nothing I can do
when the time for the blood test comes
I turn into a pavid fool!

The nurse deftly stuck the needle
into my willing puffed-up vein …
Ouch! came from me istinctively
to my mouth with a pucker of pain.

She grabbed some cottonwool,
then taped the fluff onto my wound,
telling me I could have my morning meal,
although it was way past ten.

© G.s.k.


13 thoughts on “Sunday Whirl on Monday – Blood Tests – September 15, 2014

  1. Ugh …. how I remember those blood tests. Far too many blood tests! It takes so long to get used to them …. used to pass out when I had blood tests but now I can watch them draw vials and even get it smeared on my arm without a tad bit of wooziness.

    You’ve done very well with this wordle! 🙂


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