Mindlovesmisery’s Monday Wordle – September 16, 2014

The Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie wordle contains 12 words those words are:

1. Vantage 2. Insipid (without distinctive, interesting qualities) 3. Collar 4. Spit 5. Captivity 6. Adrenalin 7. Predicate (to proclaim, assert) 8. Shield 9. Colossus 10. Scratch 11. Mercury 12. Evaporate

From the vantage point of this insipid planet,
I rose my collar against the spitting rain –
Held here in captivity – my adrenalin roars –
Driving me to predicate yet another warning
Hoping to shield this colossus, Earth from his folly …
But by scratching the surface I found,
That I,  Mercury am “demodè” … so I evaporated.

I wanted to try to see if I could take the words in their order and turn them into a sensible poem … 🙂  However I hope to return to it … as I have something still lurking inside!

7 thoughts on “Mindlovesmisery’s Monday Wordle – September 16, 2014

    • Thanks so much Michael .. I don’t know why but wordles seem to write themselves for me … so I asked myself how it would be if I just left them in the order given by Yves for one. No intention of being clever I assure you 😉


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