Mindlovesmisery’s – Sister Awake – September 16, 2014

A music video for Yves’ mysterious and exciting prompt!

Gliding there through empty space
Sister wilts and withers
As she wanders far off
Cold grows in her wake …
Come back to me
To my warm embrace
Bloom once again
Let your laughter be heard
Your waters flow
Sister awake …
Arise from this seeming death
I, your brother call to you …
Come closer and feel my warmth
For your lovely blue reflection
Is pleasing to me.

Oh my dear brother
I’ve wandered far from you
And in this ice filled wilderness
I wither and feel close to death …
My waters turn to ice,
My flowers into dust …
And into a dreamless sleep I fall
From which I fear never to awake.
Your warming call’s a beacon
Your loving song’s a life-line
Brother you are my savior
I awake to your
Plaintive call
Into your warm embrace.

I imagined a conversation between the Earth and the Sun and his call to her to return from winter.


14 thoughts on “Mindlovesmisery’s – Sister Awake – September 16, 2014

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  2. I do like this. Very helpful that explanatory line. I wasn’t thinking celestial at all.

    As you noted… mine was, well based in fact. Perhaps that is why it seemed so ‘real’.

    (I too seem to catch up with visits to fall quickly behind.)


    • Alas .. the falling quickly behind seems to be the norm. After I wrote the poem, I thought I’d explain what was on my mind … just to give a little orientation. Your piece was lovely.


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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