A Thought from a Poem – Velado – September 18, 2014

From Girgloyle’s poem Velado … a thought:

 … e ancora cerco
malgrado che ti ho trovato
ma non eri
chi pensavo che fossi.

allora nei sogni
cammino –
velata e scalza …
cercando qualcuno che,
mi salverà.


… and still I search
though I found you
but you weren’t
who I thought you were.

so in my dreams
I walk
veiled and barefoot
searching for someone
who will save me.

19 thoughts on “A Thought from a Poem – Velado – September 18, 2014

  1. Oh Georgia – just exquisite. Exactly what I wish I could have said, had my knowledge of the language been better! Just absolutely perfect and aching and beautiful and powerful.


  2. just had a quick look at my thingy page where the stats are and was looking at the list of followers with a view to trying to catch up with some reading when I discovered you were the first to follow baldypoems when I returned to wordpress. bless you, dearest bastet, sending hugs and warm wishes x


    • Warm hugs to you too Baldy … I’m having a little problems keeping up with reading lately (and writing too) but I’ve seen you’ve come back and hope to read a few more of your poems… A big hug back to you dearest friend!


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