Mindlovesmisery’s Wordle – September 23, 2014


The wordle contains 12 words those words are: 1. Sanction 2. Cripple 3. Retinue 4. Spider 5. Locker 6. Savagery 7. Hubris 8. Condensation 9. Bronze 10. Upholstery 11. Argyle
12. Platform

The king of spiders
In his haunty hubris
Decided to create a web
Using the pattern
Of my Argyle socks ..

The Gods on high
Said he’d gone too far!
With their usual savagery,
They turned his web into bronze
Which suited him fine!

He called his retinue,
Inviting them to sit beside him
Upon the bright upholstery
Of his royal throne …
(Found in my school locker)
In order to show off …

In condescending
To have them all about him,
The platform was soon wet
With sticky webby fluid condensation
Which crippled him in his creation
Of any new original webs
Bronze or Argyle …

His worst enemy …
Whispered words of sedition:
“What do we need with a king,
that cannot weave a web?!”
Alas … the civil war
That ensued
Left many dead …
(And my locker in a shambles.)

Ah the lessons to be learnt
from the haughty spider,
Are many and diverse
I’m sure you can fathom easily:
Keep your webs simple,
Don’t share your throne,
And leave my socks alone.

For Mindlovesmisery’s Wordle 

14 thoughts on “Mindlovesmisery’s Wordle – September 23, 2014

    • Well … oh dear, you see, I was in a silly mood yesterday afternoon … I’d intended to write something more serious later, but my server shut me off and have only gotten back on line now 😉


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