We Wordle – To Cecil The Pig – Memento Mori -Sepember 28, 2014

To Cecil The Pig

Ah – when I think of you dear Cecil,
I feel myself fall into a trance …
‘Tis hard for me
To keep track of all the hours I stayed with you.
Emperor of your kind …
The fine bristle of your hair,
The lovely look in your pinkish eyes,
And oh …
Your immoderate love of popcorn..
Alas in the end
‘Twas the bane of your existence!

How fair you were … so that still now,
I think of you.  ‘Tis true … your odorous
Effluvia was something to be forgotten …
But –
Your exultations … your appreciation,
For the food I brought you each morn,
Was one of your saving graces!
Alas – how they’ve rendered you.

Yet … dear Cecil,
You’ll still be with me for a time though.
Through this sublime offering we now enjoy,
We do not forget and indeed, we thank you,
For this lovely bacon that accompanies our eggs.


Accompanying the wordle (words below) at Red Wolf Poems  is a beautiful post (just click the link to read it) … with an invitation:

“… this week, let’s think about writing a memento mori poem. Memento mori (Latin ‘remember (that you have) to die’).

purpleinportland: trance
Irene: track
Jules: skin
Christopher: emperor
Misky: popcorn
Barbara: bacon

9 thoughts on “We Wordle – To Cecil The Pig – Memento Mori -Sepember 28, 2014

  1. My friend and I would used an old broom to scratch a pig’s back we called Susie. She wouldn’t eat the tenderloin served for dinner but I, obviously an insensitive lout caring only for my stomach, ate and enjoyed the offerings of Susie.


    • We should never forget that we omnivorous creatures (and so are pigs) … Which doesn’t exclude being repectful of animals. As for your friend, well we’re all made in different ways .. even here it’s important to be respectful in both directions of course. 😉

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