Tackle Tuesday – September 29, 2014

Tackle Tuesday is a weekly post dedicated to “The Song of the 18-ity’s” as compiled by Sri Sivananda.  I’ve just discovered that I’ve missed two as today another was published, so I will write for all three “ity’s” I missed.

The first was veracity:



Veracity painting by Robert Ginder 2007



Swami Sivananda speaks here of veracity:  “about reliability and credibility. Don’t overreact. Don’t turn the facts. Say the truth, don’t talk un-truth. Stay true to yourself. How credible are you, if you say this and do something else?”  Here is Chèvrefeuille’s haiku example:

keeping promises
after the long cold winter
spring will come again

© Chèvrefeuille


For this “ity” I could only come up with a negative senryu.  In fact often instead of finding a way of being true to myself and saying no when in fact I don’t want to do something, I find I say yes.  The end result is that I’m unhappy and do the task unwillingly feeling sorry for myself.  So the best thing to learn is saying what I really feel, nicely but firmly.

tired and depressed
too often saying – yes
for peace and quiet

© G.s.k. ’14



The second “ity” is equanimity:

“Be calm. Bear insult patiently. Bear injury, suffering, failures and disrespect calmly. Do not be elated by praise, pleasure, success and honor. Look upon both with equal vision. Behave alike towards friends and foes. Never let anything disturb your inner peace.”

It can often happen that someone becomes insulting or impatient … or just be what we call a jerk.  It’s not always easy to keep that inner harmony and peace in the face of attack.  I admit that I’m often very patient and many people compliment on this which of course is wonderful … but on the other hand, sometimes that patience in the long run can have a price, especially if I don’t make room for my self esteem … and so anger bubbles and I let loose with the anger.  In order to learn how to respect myself I first had to learn anger … and how to cope with my anger.

There’s another aspect.  I am the eldest child (seems funny to say that at 63) in my family.  I was often given responsiblity for my siblings and my parents often praised my school work, art work etc. I was an overachiever at a young age.  The consequences of this was also that I often felt terrible if I wasn’t able to reach a goal, get that A or just generally excel and alas, receive those lovely compliments that success brought me.  When I didn’t achieve success, I felt like my whole world was going to cave in, like I was totally worthless.  I had no inner harmony or peace. So, I had to learn humility and limits but most of all humor.  The capacity of laughing at myself and learning to do things because I enjoyed them, not for the compliments.

painting a cat
capturing shadows and light
ah – painting a flower

© G.s.k. ’14


still lifeThe third “ity” is fixity :

“fixity” means: “Taking little structured steps to reach your goal!”

One of the things I always wanted to do was to write and paint.  Write stories, poetry, children’s books and maybe illustrating them myself.  In school I studied creative writing and I studied art.  Then I got married, had children, travelled the world broke-up with my first husband – remarried formed a second family and finally settled down in Trentino.  In all those years I wrote very little and figured that I probably never would do more than leave my notebooks to my son, who might like to read them.

Then the era of the computer came.  I learnt to use the computer in many ways and then write and save my written work on hard disk,  I entered a woman’s writing competitions and finally began to blog.  This blog has been growing over the last year and a half.  It’s here where I finally began to work towards that vague childhood goal of becoming a writer.  Each day and experience and book, film or job I’ve done has made me the person I am right here and now. Each was a step … maybe not always structured though 🙂

a step at a time
living life to the fullest
creating me

© G.s.k. ’14


Written for Carpe Diem Tackle Tuesday (September 16, 23 and 29)


16 thoughts on “Tackle Tuesday – September 29, 2014

  1. Really like how you have combined these ities – a good idea for when all of them are done – to repost the whole series as one, perhaps?

    Anyway – I could really relate to being the eldest and an overachiever – and to giving in just for the sake of peace.

    Well done —


    • Thanks Jen … a necessity as the other two were obsolete as it were, but I think at the end of the 18 ities it would be a good idea to do a one big post putting them all together.

      Ah .. you too were in the eldest overachiever class! In a way I think maybe the giving in for the sake of peace just might have to do with the being the eldest. I don’t know about you, but I was always the good little girl doing everything mommy wanted … don’t hold it against her btw … just how I was.


        • I think there’s always one of us to every family and doesn’t matter if we’re the eldest or youngest. My little sister is the one at home now, always on call for our Mother. I left home very young and rarely looked back until the last few years.

          Liked by 1 person

      • Yup — an eldest, an overachiever in “real life” — but at home nothing was ever good enough. Brought home a report card one time in which I had straight As – but my grade percentages had dropped so I was still grounded. That kind of thing. Always trying to stay beneath the radar – afraid of saying or doing the wrong thing.


        We’re both going to have a lot to compile at the end of our series — your 18 ities, my Abbie & Owen 😉


  2. I love what you have done here, Georgia! this is one prompt we do take so much time pondering and I love how you embrace and honour it this way. Saying “yes” is an illusion that it keeps the peace…the inner turmoil is farm from harmony…the soul is trembling but in creating as you do, the soul finally breathes. ((((hugs))))


    • Exactly .. I’ve got to find that fine balance between being myself and still being helpful .. but not just for the sake of holding the “other” off – in order to have a little peace. 🙂


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