Before the Battle Began – Shadorma-Acrostic – October 2, 2014

A Shadorma and Acrostic


Before the Battle Began (Shadorma and Acrostic)

good king stood
admiring his knights
tall and bright
in the night
before the battle began.

and he thought:
“I reign in God’s name
and these souls
these servants
are mine to use as I choose.”
before the battle began.

the crows flew
over the battle field
the ending
of man’s folly to conclude
without platitudes.

Brave were the knights
Ere the battle began
Forthright and true
On their horses so smart
Ready for combat
Eager to fight

The king
Honored and

Bowed to his men
And hailed
Them smiling
Thinking of victory
Loving his power
Ere the battle began

But the corpses soon lay
Evilly deformed
Gone was the joy
Nothing was gained.


22 thoughts on “Before the Battle Began – Shadorma-Acrostic – October 2, 2014

      • Oh dear!

        I’m stressing about prompts today…. having a hard time with the shadorma, and have NO IDEA what to do with the photo for Friday Fictioneers — have NO IDEA how to incorporate THAT into closing Abbie and Owen.


        • Haven’t looked at it yet … Just went to have a peek … oh my, what is that thing? I haven’t done the last two FF … just keep getting bogged down. I’ve haiku heights and heeding HA to do and I won’t even go into the rest that’s getting left behind … sigh. Today (this evening) I start my 2014-2015 conversation course again and have been working on the lessons and contacting students ect.


          • Cool! I am so envious that you are able to teach 🙂

            If even Rochelle doesn’t know what’s in the picture … welll … on the bright side … we can’t be wrong, can we, no matter what we guess? 😉


          • I finally got it written … but that was not an inviting photo as Rochelle even admitted … but it was cool how she explained what finally inspired her post.


    • Thanks Lance … I like mixing forms just as I like to mix medium when I paint. One of my favorite forms is the haibun – prose and haiku, have you tried it?


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