Modern Art – October 3, 2014

Interesting modern art installation

Click the photo for credits …

It’d been a long day for the kids. Their mother, a post modern art enthusiast had taken them first to the museum and then to her friend’s art exhibit.

“An afternoon wasted.” 13 year old James mumbled.

12-year-old Susan replied pointing to the sidewalk saying in posh nasal tones, “And this I call: “My Lolly Fell In The Dirt!” it represents the uncertainties of life’s fortunes.”

James caught onto the game quickly. They commented on odd bits of trash found along their path, giggling.

Their mother listened ruefully then said: “Ok, understood. Let’s go for ice-cream and pizza.”

unidentifiable on a stickCopyright-Kent Bonham


For Friday Fictioneers

37 thoughts on “Modern Art – October 3, 2014

    • Thanks! I looked at the photo the other day and said “huh?” then this morning while I was deciding whether to get up and write or not, the idea popped into my head. Glad you enjoyed it 🙂


  1. Dear Georgia,

    I love the children’s voices in this. As a former art student I used to feel that way about some of the pseudo-intellectual BS that floated through the classrooms and studios. I laughed out loud. Thank you for that. 😀




    • Hello Rochelle!

      Know what you mean about “some of the pseudo-intellectual BS” know a few artists. Glad you laughed out loud … you made me sweat cold when I saw the photo 😀 ! Ciao, Georgia.


  2. Dear Georgia,

    I loved your story even more than mine and I love mine a great deal. I laughed out loud at Susan’s title for the something on the sidewalk. Excellent excursion into the world of art and the importance of ice cream cones.




    • Hello Doug ..I admit I liked my story too as well as yours, but your Ick Stick will remain with me for quite a while! And yes, ice cream cones are very important! Ciao, Georgia.


    • Funny how that works you know, youngsters tend to want to go anywhere but where their parents want to lead them … good thing there’s ice-cream and pizza 😉


    • Interesting thing though is in their satirical manner, they’re showing they’ve understood the concept. 🙂 glad you found it fun … it was fun to write!


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