Autumn Celebrations – Tanka – October 9, 2014


wine flowing fountains
apple fritters and strudel
from toe to tip
Italy celebrates fall
in the plazas of her towns

 G.s.k. ’14

Carpe Diem Family – Celebrating Autumn

22 thoughts on “Autumn Celebrations – Tanka – October 9, 2014

    • Nope .. pumpkins aren’t really as popular as in the US … although they’ve slowly been showing up in supermarkets around Halloween .. a freshly imported festivity here in Italy.


      • Well deport those buggers back to the States — quickly! — before they take over!

        Dressing up for Halloween, trick-or-treating, and the “gothishness” that goes with the holiday? Cool. Rotting orange squashes? Not so much. o.O


        • Yep — they’ve started selling Halloween costumes … showing Nightmare in Elm Street on TV and all the general stuff .. of course kids don’t go from house to house .. that hasn’t caught on by some folks have Halloween parties and restaurants, caffès and the discoteches get in on the act. Basically a big commerical extravaganza wtih rotting orange squashes thrown in for good measure.


          • “Basically a big commercial extravaganza with rotting orange squashes thrown in for good measure”: my favorite description of Halloween EVER! 😉

            The house-to-house business isn’t likely to catch on, with times being what they are — only tradition keeps it going here, really.


          • And the Italians are very cautious with their kids … this is a zero population growth country … families basically have one at most two kids and they’re very protective as a norm of their children … alas we have perverts etc. too.


          • If only the US would get the population down to a minimum …. oy, vey. Sadly for every person who is wise and has ONE kid we have two Dugger families …. ugh.


          • Yes I noticed that … when I left the States the population of the Us was around 150 million people … the population of Italy was around 52 million … Italy now has 54 million (wee’ve gotten an influx of imigrants from Easter Europe, China and North Africa) and the States has more than doubled its population.


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