Shashin no uta – October 12, 2014

wordless haiku_timeA Sunday puzzle and challenge for you:  can you create the words for this wordless haiku?

Today’s Wordless Haiku at Through the Eye of Bastet  which is also my contribution today for OctPoWriMo

20 thoughts on “Shashin no uta – October 12, 2014

    • It’s all thanks to you of course … did it with pixlr and downloaded the app to try it out on my computer … thanks for the haiku!

      through the morning portal
      a new age soon begins


      • Very glad to have helped — 🙂
        So, you seem to like Pixlr? It certainly did a good job here.
        When others are done guessing you’ll have to let me know if my guess was anywhere near what you intended!

        waiting on the other side
        sparkling harmony


        • It’s cool and easy to use.

          I’ll let you know for sure …

          the centaur passes boldly
          looking through the crystal pane

          let’s see if anyone else can boldly go into the maze of a wordless haiku. 😉

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          • solidarnosc! I’m grinning! Lech Welesa was my hero —

            snuggled between the dragon’s wings
            the rat finally soars

            na zdrowie!
            a celestial toast
            sparkling overhead


          • the nordic gods raised their horns
            the stars bowed to the wee rat

            a song to sing
            to a heros in dragon flight
            – Lech Welesa

            I admired him too in that great moment … he was quite a mover of people.

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          • foretold in the heavens
            that the people would rise

            waves of change
            risen from the shipyards –
            świętować! (celebrate)


          • Cool … let me think a sec …

            the waves of freedom crashed
            upon the beleaguered shore

            arose the new day’s sun
            bringing hope to weary hearts –
            workers united

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          • Singing the Internationale
            They linked hands and marched

            The red haze gone
            They they reached for new horizons –
            Stay united


          • He was quite the leader back then .. I was surprised he backed Romney in the last elections …

            Do you think they sang the Internationale …. what irony and tells you something about what the Soviets weren’t.

            a new age born
            the nation rose proud and free

            people taking up their rights
            – working hand in hand


          • He backed ROMNEY? Oy. He just lost about 1000 points in my book! Oh dear.

            Not sure if they sang the Internationale – a flight of fancy on my part.

            With new prosperity
            There is always danger

            Never forget
            Solidarity in the rust
            And hunger in the streets


          • yep .. surprised me too .. seems he feel the U.S. should be more presnt on the world scene … on the up side he backed the Occupy Wall Street movement … light and darkness … look! he’s just human after all 😉

            I don’t think they sang the Internationale as it had become an icon of communism … well, not actually but the communists claimed it for themselves … it’s the anthem of international socialism actually which believe it or not is really something else.

            time passing dead leaves fall
            autumn brings the winter snow

            spring returns bright
            another season of hope
            – tender green leafs


          • Oh yes… Socialism and communism aren’t quite the same – though you’d be hard pressed to find people in the States saying that.

            Relieved that he backed Occupy though.

            Exploding into being
            Buds become reality

            Sheltered sparrows sing
            In their breezy bower –
            A new brood awaits


  1. Interesting challenge.

    time moves slowly now
    across a rising morning sky
    darken woods absorb

    the red door hides us
    from all fear that we carry
    deep within our hearts

    am not afraid of storms
    for I am learning to sail my ship

    *Louisa May Alcott


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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