Summer Sunshine – Haibun – October 14, 2014

Summer Sunshine (Haibun)

Walking through Rovereto, with its high walls and cold wind, I was going to the train station. Passing the children off to school, to was going to meet my son who was coming home and would be with us for a week – I couldn’t help smiling.  Happy, a song filled my mind and soul – I felt like the world was a better, happier, place to live in.  No marching band was there to greet him, at least not one you could see, just the music in my mind.  The train rolled in.

cold autumn wind
the train pulls into the station
– summer sunshine


From: Hub Pages – Haibun

Here’s an example of a classic haibun written by the famous haiku master, Basho which I found on Hub Pages with a fine article on what haibun is, classically:

I left my rundown hut beside the river during the eighth month of 1684, placing my trust in my walking stick and in the words of the Chinese sage who said: “I pack no provisions for my long journey — entering emptiness under the midnight moon.” The voice of the wind was oddly cold.

Weather-beaten bones,
I’ll leave your heart exposed
to cold, piercing winds

(c) Basho

Written for Lego Haibun using a video prompt.

014d1-octpowrimobadge2I’m submitting this second poem today at OctPoWriMo for the prompt: “Inspiration from the Poets Who Went Before…”

19 thoughts on “Summer Sunshine – Haibun – October 14, 2014

  1. I love your haibun, Georgia. Love the way you incorporated your walk to the train, children laughing on your way. I keeplisteing to that video which is the one I am drawn to but I have too many farfetched ideas floating…not settled on what to write yet…if I doThank you for that link too with Bahso`s haibun…I always wondered if I was right with haibun but see that many of my Dear Emma posts seem to fit just fine under haibun:)


  2. I love the joy and simplicity of your haibun. Thank you so much for posting the wonderful haibun by Basho too. Like Oliana I keep coming up with ideas in response to the Ligo Haibun prompts but haven’t really settled on an idea that would actually work.


  3. That was beautiful. One could feel the mother’s longings purely in the description, without having to actually explain them. The marching band…not there, but in your mind is so beautifully expressed. It is wonderful what you did with a few moments waiting for a train – produced such a powerful haibun…without vast scenes, dramas or action. That is great emotional writing, felt by the reader. Truly superb. I hope very much you’ll write haibun with us often. We won’t let you down – we’ll make sure we’re around!


    • Darest Hamish … since the day I found your great post I fell in love with haibun and was very sad that your prompts had been suspended for summer. I’ll be looking forward to your prompts … and even if I’m late in posting, be sure i’ll participate! 🙂


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