The Writer – Haibun – October 19, 2014

The best author will be the one who is ashamed to become a writer.
Friedrich Nietzsche

Writing from nine to five … trying to get the reports out before the deadline chopped off the utility of their existence.  Statistics, meetings, growth charts all to be compressed into 10 pages.  Conclusions to then be discussed to be re-elaborated and rewritten.  Day after day, year after year.

She’d wanted to be a writer.  She took creative writing courses in High School, majored in Modern English Literature in College.  She read poetry and was part of a poetry club. Then,  she’d become the editor of the school newspaper and she took a journalism course, even a writer has to eat.  She’d lost the way … and the wonderful poems and books she was to author, became stale reports.

She stopped typing as this thought screamed through her mind:  ‘Is this to be my epitaph?’

words strung like chains
useless, urbane and empty
– without poetry

(c) G.s.k. ’14


Written for Ligo Haibun

10 thoughts on “The Writer – Haibun – October 19, 2014

  1. Oh wow. So elegantly written Georgia — and a bit too close to home. Thank goodness for WP blogging and being able to write — and create digital art — or I too would be screaming alongside her. And I suspect many, many of your readers will be able to relate to this in one way or another ….

    A great write Georgia — wonderfully done.


    • Thanks Jen … the quote was impelling … and I can’t but disagree … thank heavens for blogging and digital art, we are the blessed of the new age! (whatcha say pretty poetic nevvero?)


      • Thank goodness for Google, too, so I now know what “nevvero” means 😉

        Wide awake tonight so rather than toss and turn in bed I’m going to (at least start) my own haibun in a few minutes.

        The quotes are great — that’s one of the reasons I like L.H. so much.


  2. A very heartfelt and meaningful haibun about a writer’s journey. As Jen says – thank goodness for blogging and Ligo Haibun prompts.


  3. This rings so true, but what a fabulous haiku at the end! Truly one of your best, in my opinion. You wrote such kind words to me before I was at loss to reply, but now can’t stop commenting! You really focussed on that fear that a few have, the fear of mundacity, of words without soul, and caught it so well in the shattering of her dreams at the keyboard. Well done!


    • Thanks for your wonderful comment Hamish, and the reblog as well! It was based on a memory … a time long ago when I was doing the 9-5 bit and travelling back and forth to work … so I’d leave at 6 in the morning and get home around 7. The thought rushed through my mind then … is this all there is to life? The quote brought the memory back with force .. so I really must thank you for your wonderful prompt for the haiku and haibun … inspirational!


    • Hello … sorry I’ve not been by for a bit to visit, always enjoy your work! I think we’ve all felt this at least once in our lives. I think your epitaph will definately be different 🙂
      Thanks for dropping by.


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