The Great War – Free Verse – October 26, 2014

From Portraits of War – Click the photo to go to the blog.

strange mankind’s frivolous dreams
dressed in gnarled blue scenery
but the poppies growing in the field
found their roots in dead men’s blood
or so the stories and songs go,
of the apocalyptic great war

thirteen days the battle raged
audible were the wails of pain
many have written their literary tales
exalting the heroes of the day
blotted “inklings” and bad verse
of the apocalyptic great war

and yet … now I look on this field
no sign of battle here remains
speedy the passage of time
that covers all men’s follies handily
in blue scenery and frivolous dreams
remain heroic epilogues and celebrations
of the apocalyptic great war

(c) G.s.k. ’14


The poem refers to an imaginary battle that could have taken place during the Great War, also known as the First World War.   This year is the 100th year since the beginning of that war … it was called “great”, until WWII,  because it was so terrible that everyone thought that mankind would never dare to fight another war.

I’ve used “inklings” the way I did because to the best of my knowledge there is no plural of inkling … but there was a Literary group called The Inklings at Oxford (of which among others Tolkien was a member) … so I used “inklings” as a metaphor for messy writing as in ink smudges.


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21 thoughts on “The Great War – Free Verse – October 26, 2014

  1. Blotted inklings and bad verse – reminds me of the glorification of the American Civil War – we’re in the midst of our sesquicentennial so there’s a lot of it going on. To me, the wild mustard at Gettysburg is sort of like the poppies on Flanders Fields. Growing out of the dead men’s blood.

    No great wars anywhere —

    Great write Georgia —


    • Ah yes … I agree, instead of using these “anniversaries” to tell how war really is, they sit around exalting the darn things. Sounds like the wild mustard is like our poppies, and not only in Flanders Fields. Trentino was pretty much part of the front lines during WWI.


      • … if the land itself had a memory … yikes.
        Imagine they turn up all kinds of unfortunate war souvenirs all the time … hopefully no mines …..


        • Actually .. we don’t know anything about the land … some people believe that land can keep traces of what’s happened (I’m only joking … you know Halloween spirit and all that 😉 )

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