Yoga (I Watched Him Stretch) – Rondine and Shadorma – October 26, 2014

Strecccchhhhhhhhh! And Photo Credits.

I watched him stretch his graceful limb
Beautiful – t’was the sight to see
I looked at him then down at me
Knowing I’m just not made like him …

Concentrating and feeling grim
(Thinking it better that I flee …)
I watched him stretch

I went to his course on a whim
A morning workshop which was free
(My shoulders ache, so does my knee …
His yoga took me to the rim)
I watched him stretch

ah yoga
memory of youth
but there’s yoga and yoga
limping, I reflected.

(c) G.s.k. ’14



I went to a yoga workshop yesterday morning and to say the least it was an experience.  I’ve practiced yoga in the past and since the first course I took back in 1976, I’ve practiced it with other yoga masters and have also done Pilates, stretching, tai chi, and Aikido.  I’m a licensed Shatsu therapist, now retired because of arthritis in the knees and I admit, I’m out of shape.

I was expecting a normal yoga course with a little tai chi added (as he said) but what I found was a gauntlet, something that might be called “cross-over yoga”.  Most of the postures were on hands and knees with a lot of shoulder work.  We were 5 women .. average age 55 .. except for a lovely young thing of around 20 who had no problems at all. (Oh I’d told him of my physical problems btw.)The rest of us were stumbling and sweating like fountains, one lady felt nauseated from the efforts.

At the end of the meet, he asked us what we thought.  As usual the Italians (especially Trentini) are very courteous … one lady, a regular (who had had even more problems than I) said that it was easier than usual (I though: OMG!) … the other lady complained of her lack of co-ordination and said she probably shouldn’t have eaten breakfast before coming to the workshop … the third that she’d never practiced yoga in that way and found it delightfully challenging (!) … the young thing talked about her needing to improve her posture.

I, being an American and besides at nearly 63, let’s say a little outspoken, said that I found it far too advanced for me and if it was so easy for the first lady, I shuddered to think what difficult would be. At which point the campaign to convince me that it was a matter of working into the exercises to obtain the benefits of his version of yoga began (I said that if I survived, it would probably be very beneficial).

Afterwards out of earshot, two of the ladies agreed with me (cowards).  Ah to be young again ….


The first poem  is a rondine …  was introduced by Jen on this week’s BJ’s Shadorma and Beyond for Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie.


17 thoughts on “Yoga (I Watched Him Stretch) – Rondine and Shadorma – October 26, 2014

  1. Oh, how FRUSTRATING! A little backup would have been nice when talking with the instructor. Yeah, yeah, it’s a cultural thing … but oy vey! Still …. it *is* difficult I guess. Well, I hope you’re not feeling too achy today after that yoga…..!

    But anyway ….

    I love this rondine — you made it look effortless — and it flows so well. A really finely crafted rondine — with a great blast of humor too. And that cat photo is *adorable*!



  2. I have been practicing yoga since I was 12 and am a licensed Pilates instructor. I am not unnaturally flexible though I have some problems with my shoulders, a combination of horrendous accidents one including jumping out of a car at 25 miles an hour, another involving my arms being pinned back past limit while I was pulled by a four wheeler to name a few, needless to say my shoulders do not have full mobility and I am plagued with pinched nerves. Anyhow I took a yoga class once that was so hard!!! The men in the class were sweating profusely and many had to leave, that is right people had to leave because they physically couldn’t take it. People kept collapsing and taking breaks. It was absurdly hard and most of the people were in their 30s 40s healthy and seasoned (I was in my 20s and hadn’t really practiced with yoga teachers much at that point, I was self-taught). I survived (sort of I mean I didn’t die lol) and if I hadn’t had a ton of Pilates training I never would have managed the two sets of 250 rep bicycle abs we had to do. I was the only one who survived that bit of torture. I could not do handstand pushups and some of the intense upper body stuff but I modified to keep going. It was crazy hard. I switched for a less intense class.


    • Interesting to see this side of you Yves! As I said in my post, I’d done yoga and love Pilates, as part of my Shiatsu practice I taught a modified do-in kind of stretching … Last year when i started having thyrid problems and arthritis in the knees and shoulders, I stupidly stopped going to Pilates and put on weight to boot. I’m not out to prove anything to anyone at my age, and had expected a normal hatha yoga class for beginners … but I think I’ll just go back to Pilates … much more within my reach. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Well-written poem, but the story nearly had me in tears! I tried Yoga in my 50s, as a readonably fit tennis/squash/golf player, and found it difficult as well as boring. In my 70s I went for a term to geriatric gym, which suited me much better, but even that is beyond me now.


    • Ouch … I’m so sorry to hear that Viv! I know that the body slows down and there comes a time when some things just aren’t right for you. I was just looking for something to help me limber up a bit because of the arthritis and I’d enjoyed yoga years ago, but there was a different approach then … I’ll just go back to the Pilates class I followed last year and from which I should never have stopped going. In the meantime, i’m going to have to discipline myself and do a little at home ’til January when the new session starts again.


    • LOL, thanks for sharing your adventure! … I’m flexible enough to be able to still put my hands on the floor … but I was feeling mighty inflexible myself …


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