The Veil – Flash Fiction – October 30 2014

three_chairsThe Veil

Sitting on the bright sunny patio, she looked down at her notepad pondering.  How can you write Halloween poetry on such a bright sunny day?

The veil rends
At Halloween
Between worlds

No, she didn’t feel at all inspired.

A rumble seemed to shake the world, she looked up at the cloudless blue sky, “What the …” the thought remained hanging in the air as she heard another, even louder crash.

A feeling of foreboding percolated into her mind. With a third crash the patio began to tremble and disappear.

She sat upright in bed, a storm was brewing.


Linked to Friday  Fictioneers – PHOTO PROMPT-Copyright-Melanie Greenwood


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in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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