In the Cemetery at Midnight – Free Verse – November 2, 2014

At the party 3 strange men romped –
Holding an unlit lantern … doing hocus-pocus
They suggested we take a walk …
To test our courage and our fear –
Thus challenged off we went
For a moonlit walk on Halloween night.
At midnight into the cemetery we strode …
Eerie sounds seemed to follow us
Could this be the specter from the crypt,
We all heard so much about?
Asked Muriel in a trembling voice.
I just shook my head haughtily
For I’m no believer in ghosts or ghouls ..
The owl hooted in glee as we passed near –
Then a smoky form seem to  take shape,
With oozing blood dripping reality!
I gave a howl and began to run …
Macabre shadows seemed to follow close ..
My heart beat like an African drum …
Until I heard the giggles from the trees
Looking closer I had the treat ..
Of seeing the tree aforementioned men …
There they were with an odd projector …
Creating the illusion of the awful specter
Making a fool of us all … but most of all me!

(C) G.s.k. ’14

The Words: party,strange, lantern, treats, hocus-pocus, crypt, specter, eerie,  howl, midnight, shadows, owl, moonlit, macabre ,smoky

Linked to Pink. Girl, Ink. Blog for Wordle for Halloween which I found through Jules Longer Strands of Gems Follow the link to her great Kyrielle Sonnet and Shadorma which she wrote using the Wordle!

16 thoughts on “In the Cemetery at Midnight – Free Verse – November 2, 2014

  1. Thanks for the nod. I see you had fun with the wordle 🙂
    In a tale like this you kind of hope for just a little Karma and that maybe the wind carries a leaf to the shoulder of one of ‘the tree’ and makes him have to go home and change his pants 😉

    No one likes being played. It’s one thing for daylight pranks… but I think I read somewhere that it just might be possible to get (at the very least) very ill from ‘fright’.


    • Yeah … I think I should have gotten a little vendetta there … and I agree … this sort of trick can really send someone over the bend! Glad I read your post and found that delightful wordle, thanks again!


          • OK now I’m confused. I know the there is a check mark to follow (I thought that was for comments, but that’s what I have for MLM and I do get notifications) the plus sign (for what?) and the minus sign to unfollow.

            Do you have any further insight?


          • There’s also often a bit on the side that says follow – receive e-mail for each new post (or something similar) … so you can follow with the plus and read the page in your reader, or if you follow hitting the button found inside the post you get notifications (it also says manage … that gives you the opportunity to decide if you want those notifications, instant – daily or weekly).


          • I am so challenged computer wise. I know of what you speak. I don’t follow any comments by the bottom of the post option – I did that once. And kept getting mail from this one post that was over 6 months old – not mine even. And I figured out how to stop that. You had to do that from the original post – at least that was how I did it. Any way I did find the manage you stuff area. I only follow about 10 sites. The rest I hunt and seek. I did like a messy e-mail in box. And The Reader… I think it changed. Unless I just can’t find what I’m looking for. In the Reader area I do find all I have is a list of who I follow – not the actual posts. Is there another reader. I thought I used to actually see some of the site and post before having to click or enlarge. But I can’t find that. I still don’t know what the difference between the check and the plus sign is. When I am in the Dashboard section under Home it doesn’t have a thing for ‘Reader’ just Blogs I Follow and that just takes me to the list that shows me how I am following (with or without certain notifications of following comments or getting certain e-mails instantly or not – I didn’t see the choice about getting them weekly but since I only get a few I get them as they are posted).

            But since I never really used the Reader that did show the bits of post it isn’t any loss to me.

            Thanks for trying to help. I am sooo dense in regards to how to via computer stuff. But I’ll live.


          • Ohi … in the end, I think it’s probably just getting into the jargon … and understanding the icons … for example in the upper left hand corner, there’s the WP symbol … if you hover your mouse over it a menu drops down … On the menu there’s reader … and that’s where you can read as their printed everyone’s posts (of the people you follow of course), the first voice says new post … which I never click, then there’s notifications … etc. as for the plus and minus … I’m not sure what you’re referring to .. if it’s on the black tool bar above WP posts … the plus is to follow the minus to unfollow .. but that’s a generic follow ..


          • I may have known the first bit. But I had forgotten.
            Time for a Duh and a head slap.
            At least I know for the moment. I’ll try to e-mail you about the + _ and check – they aren’t in dashboard.
            I think they are in that black tool bar when you are in a ‘post’ yours or someone you are visiting.

            You are very kind and patient with me… thanks.


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