Modern-Day Nomad – Haibun – November 12, 2014

I’m a modern-day nomad .. no place to really call home.  I’ve lived in many countries, known lots of people but lost sight of every one of them. Forever a stranger, always an outsider.  I’ve got lots of photographs to remember moments and faces, but I don’t remember half the names of those people.

I used to lament my fate … after all it wasn’t a life of my choosing when I was growing up.  My father was a soldier and we followed wherever he was sent.  Back and forth across the Nation then from Alaska to Florida … across the wide Pacific. But when I grew up and I just didn’t stop travelling, it must have become a habit,  I crossed more oceans and seas into Europe and Africa.  I couldn’t really say then, that I hadn’t chosen to wander.

Lots of people envy me.  I’ve seen so many things, it’s true.  I’ve lived a full life.  Too bad my life is just full memories from photographs and old letters but I’ve no one with whom to share them.

endless winding road
never stopping to stay long
snapshot memories

(c) G.s.k. ’14

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16 thoughts on “Modern-Day Nomad – Haibun – November 12, 2014

  1. This is so real, true.I agree with you so much. Those who rnvy that life do not know the flipside. Very similar to mine. What a tortured last line. The sadness…. very good haiku. Please stay with Ligo Haibun, let’s share those memories of yours..


    • Well thanks very much Hamish … I sort of figured you could relate a bit … thanks for your comment too and invitation to stay on … I’m quite happy to do so 😉


  2. Oh Georgia — this breaks my heart. It’s so easy for me to feel trapped in my little neck of the woods — but the flip side isn’t much better. This could easily have been bitter — but instead I sense gentle resignation. A beautifully written haibun –


    • Thanks Jen … I’ve often heard how lucky I am .. and I suppose that I am at that, but there are times when I think it would be so nice to have lived in one place … to hear people speak English – to not have to explain the meaning behind something that any child would know if born in the States … but you know, when I went back to the States … I felt out of place all the same … everything had changed so much (just as I had changed I guess) … such is life I suppose 🙂

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  3. Une histoire vraie et authentique…brava, cara…I used to feel bad for friends that moved to my home town, a military town, and they would leave after a few years…some just a year. I always admired their courage and loved how outgoing and friendly they were. I was too shy to go up to kids as a young child. I envied the travelling but felt bad not being `home`long enough to have long time best friends. I do get the Not fitting in beingof two cultures, always on the fence. But you do have many here who would love you to share you rmemories, cara, I feel privileged reading them anytime) xx


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