Worlds Inside – Haibun – November 13, 2014

Tienny The Storyteller

Tienny The Storyteller

Sitting on a park-bench reading the Prisoner of Zenda on my e-reader near the placid lake in the early morning … what could be better.  There’s not a soul around … excluding the sea-gulls and ducks. What peace.

The world around me is silent, ah .. but the world inside me!  I’m transported into a simpler world of adventure and chivalry.  Swash-buckling escapades, adventure and illicit love – but though this love is illicit it’s not immoral!  In fact, it pushes the poor protagonist to “do the right thing” and save his beloved’s betrothed husband.

What a splendid world, so far removed from listless reality with its uncertainties and shoddy morality.  I do so agree with my dearest of friends, Jane Austen.

enchanting magic –
travelling through time and space
sitting in the park

 (c) G.s.k. ’14


“I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading!
How much sooner one tires of anything than of a book!”
~ Jane Austen (Pride & Prejudice)

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The link in red will take you to the Project Gutenberg  where you can download the book ‘Prisoner of Zenda’ for free …. which I’m going to do as I’ve never actually read it but have only seen it referred to in other books I’ve read!   😉


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