Reality of Blackguards – Wordleing – November 18, 2014



Upon his horse this blackguard rides to war
His axe to cleave the poor tied to his side
His baritonal cries antecedent to death
He quells revolts before they’ve yet begun.

Amoral machine of war is he –
Operatic swine in syncopated rhyme.

Know his name through-out the world of time,
Whether Genghis, Attila or proud Napoleon,
Who thought to reign for all eternity …
Yet in the ground he met reality.

Oh leaders know the law is truly one …
You’ll feed the worms, just like everyone.

(c) G.s.k. ’14

Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie : Wordle #35


The wordle contains 12 words those words are:

1. Blackguard 2. Operatic 3. Swine 4. Horse 5. Cleave 6. Axe 7. Poor 8. Revolt 9. Antecedent 10. Machine 11. Baritone 12. Amoral (neither moral nor immoral)



20 thoughts on “Reality of Blackguards – Wordleing – November 18, 2014

    • Thanks Jhanagan! Reading history .. of just about any period gives us an interesting view of all the blackguards that have run amok mussing up normal people’s lives … Glad you enjoyed the word play! 🙂


        • Sure … I’m just used to amok .. I live in Italy and for years have switched back and forth from English published books to American published books so my personal English is rather a hodgepodge … I’ve been corrected by both at one time or another … my favourite is hiccup and hiccough … but I keep my Word Editor rigorously in American English.

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    • Thanks for the link which I’ll read with pleasure … there is probably something orgiastic for those who rape, pillage and plunder … they say power is a fantastic sexual stimulant for some people and I’m sure the personages in my poem must have gotten quite a charge from their power.


    • 🙂 Amen .. History is one of those subjects that’s sorely neglected in this age of post Illuministic progress … funny though, it keeps repeating itself and I agree it’s because there’s no one with any power who knows what’s happened before them.


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