Just a Note – November 21, 2014

Hello … I’m having connection problems and can barely write a post using this editor .. and I’ve got to keep things to a bare minimum (uploading photos is an odyssey).  The problem isn’t confined to one computer … so we’ve eliminated a virus attack to a specific computer … at least that’s good news.

My mail-box takes about 10 minutes to open an e-mail … my W.P.  reader won’t open properly (lots of html hash and little blobs where photos should be) so I’m thanking my stars and calling myself  lucky  that I’ve been able to do as much as I have today …

If you’ve commented and I haven’t answered you, please excuse me … I hope the problems clear-up as quickly as possible and I thank you for your loving patience.

I hope to see you tomorrow – Bastet (Georgia)

31 thoughts on “Just a Note – November 21, 2014

    • Sheesh … it really is … but this time it’s worse than a single computer problem … I’ve got 3 but if the modem won’t connect they”re all useless 😦


  1. Hope your connection resolves itself and if you do NOT answer my comment in a timely fashion I shall stomp my feel, throw my hand up into the air and swear a series of French words…kidding…qui s’aime se taquinne:) xx


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