The Mink’s Revenge – November 30, 2014

I’m writing out of the box here and the explanation is below … if you’re not into gruesome, I think you should skip this one 🙂


Janet had made a fortune working at the biggest stock agency on Wall Street.  There’d been moments, early on in her career, when she’d had doubts about some of the not so honest actions she’d taken but when she read her bank statements, both those on shore and off shore, she let them pass.  Besides, now she could buy anything she wanted, and she had a passion for expensive clothes and fur coats.

She’d seen the three hags on the corner during the sit-ins of the “Occupy Wall Street” protests awhile back but they continued to occupy that corner even though the protests had died down to next to nothing.  ‘These crazy kids come up with the corniest gimmicks ..’ she thought to herself, ‘obviously they’re interpreting the witches from Macbeth presaging our downfall no less!’ She ostentatiously pulled out her silk handkerchief and daintily put it her nose as she past them, giving the impression she’d smelt something that had gone bad.

“Oh haughty lady …
with your nose in fine silk …
know that the animals you wear …
will turn against you
… and have their revenge!”

Intoned  the witches,  then one proceeded to sprinkle Janet some sort of smelly reddish liquid, like a priest would have done giving his final blessing.

“You stupid idiot!  You’ve spattered my mink!”  Janet shouted and would have said more, but suddenly, the three were gone.

Disconcerted, she ducked into the entrance of the building where she worked, rubbing at the stains on her coat and alligator handbag with her silk handkerchief as she walked into the waiting, empty penthouse elevator.

The elevator went straight up to the floor that housed the executive offices of the company.  It made no intermediate stops … up and up until it reached 105th floor, taking a little over two minutes. When the door opened, a young secretary stood at the doors waiting. The sight that greeted her eyes made her scream and faint.

haughty and hoity-toity
she walked down the street
looking like a million bucks
in her silver mink …
her closets full of silks, furs and skins
where they come from
never bothered her …
the importance of being noticed
was really all she cared for
so she strutted with her nose up
looking down at the world.

her collection was vast
every animal represented
from fox to lapin
snake-skin and black bear
she wore leather like a gladiator
when she rode her motorbike …
and silk suits and undies
when she went to work …
a Wall Street executive … she
met her end – one day
in a penthouse elevator.

(c) G.s.k. ’14


Last week, on November 26th for Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie we had a cool photo to work with:

Sheep Control Pawel Kuczynski 36

Pawel Kuczynski

for that photo I wrote a power short entitled: “He followed me Home”. You know how it is, after you’ve posted the comments come in and one thing leads to another …

Tournesol speculated what it would be like to see fur coats come alive and nip people …. I thought that wouldn’t be such a bad thing … we both thought that would probably make a cool, if pretty dark prompt, then Phylor brought to our attention that in fact in one of the Ghostbuster’s  films a woman’s fox stole does come alive and starts to nip at her!

She concluded:  “So, very cool idea to take it further as suggested by your conversation. It would make a great prompt!”

So we’ve agreed to write the story … each from their own point of view.



16 thoughts on “The Mink’s Revenge – November 30, 2014

  1. As I had wool in my head, and the wool pulled over my eyes, I just came upon this on Dec. 2! I will craft my story. Shall it be more gruesome? Ah, I’ve been rather gothic of late! Thanks for the mention and sorry for my slow entry into the world of fur fiction!
    Love your post — more later as I further ponder the piece!


      • Looking forward to reading Tournesol’s contribution. I don’t think I could do more gruesome. I hide my eyes at the scary parts in movies, and sometimes skip the brutal in books. So, don’t worry — not too gruesome. I have the characters and a rough framework. Now to see if it works.


        • Great can’t wait to read it! I like inferred gruesome if i can something like that, leave it to the imagination of the reader … i don’t like writing or reading about dripping blood etc and tend to skip those parts in books or just close them without finishing them. And I don’t go to movies where there’s a lot of gore.


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