Wordle – The Lady Was A Ghost – Quartine – December 2, 1014



Standing on the staircase
Banister in hand
I heard the rustling silk
And saw the pallor of her hand …

Laughter filled the room
Yet I felt an odd unease
And hastened into the light
With convulsive speed …

The lady was a ghost …
A lacteal apparition,
Maimed in her sweet youth
By a poisonous atmosphere …

Incontrovertibly dead was she,
These last one hundred years
Yet her spirit lingers still
In this house of disharmony …

So dizzily I sat down
On the chase-lounge panting,
No one had seen her but I
Nor heard that silky sound …

I looked up at the staircase,
She’d stood there smiling sweetly,
Her hand upon the banister
And poison in her veins …

(c) G.s.k. ’14



1. Banister 2.Poison 3. Rustle 4. Pallor 5. Dizzy 6. Unease 7. Laughter 8. Controvert (to argue against, dispute, deny, oppose) 9. Lacteal (milky, resembling milk) 10. Convulsion 11. Maim 12. Hasten


Linked to Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie

19 thoughts on “Wordle – The Lady Was A Ghost – Quartine – December 2, 1014

  1. Yikes, it sent a shiver up my spine…great write! And I like that photo….all it needs is a ghostly figure – a long exposure like my Ghosts of Tyneham would do it!


  2. Oh, I’d watch out for that lady — [shudder!] — that rustling silk would have scared the bajeebers out of me. Great worldle — and a great image to go with it!


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