To Roger – December 5, 2014

To Roger …

I just heard, you ended your voyage,
Your walk through this mortal coil
Was never easy for you …
A broken family
A harsh father …
Born in a world of throw-back values …
An African colonial child
Never Italian – never American
You roamed the planet
Looking for a home.
We walked together for a short time
And it was a good walk then …
But you needed something,
Which you could never define
And like a prisoner you began your
Searching and wandering …
You left your family …
You travelled far …
Like a gypsy month
Going from flower to flower …
Until, you were shot down by your heart
Not more than a month ago …
And then,
You seemed to be the boy that we all knew,
I’m happy you made peace your son
Happy sailing …
May your skies always be clear.

(c) G.s.k. ’14

voli a casa compagno del cammino nel vuoto – pace

22 thoughts on “To Roger – December 5, 2014

    • Thanks … we’ve been divorced for years, but it was still a shock to know he’s passed on – which surprised me. We were very young, about the same age when we got married, and in the end we were more like brother and sister, who’d become estranged.


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