Wordle – December , 2014


She reflected on the world of parasites
As the dying day faded away …
The politicians legerdemain continues
Convincing us all that we need them –
The grit of their deception tarnish their shields
Yet we never seem to notice,
Pulsing vibrant words blare from the TV
Reagan and then the burning Bush
Convince us to renounce our freedom
And our humanity … in exchange for raw greed …
Did no one notice the bubbles bursting …
The Bodhisattva of Peace sighs,
His spirit outlined in the dying verses
Of an old song …
The void cannot be put off forever …
Every song ends
For everything there is a dusk
And the night fell.

G.s.k. ’14


This was inspired  by The Red Wolf – We Wordle number 31 … which I’d missed.  I just discovered that for some reason I no longer followed the blog and so was not getting the notifications by e-mail that I usually got …   The Red Wolf Wordles are a real challenge.  Not only do you get a lot of interesting words to work with … but there’s always an extra twist … read on to see what I mean and click the link to read other poems and the full post – Bastet

dying, spirit,  parasites, void, legerdemain, Bodhisattva, reflected, pulsing, dusk, grit, raw

That was the simple part. Now for the (slightly) harder part. First I’ll give you a phrase. Meditate on it, incorporate it somehow in your poem. It doesn’t have to be straight-on and literal: feel free to weave it or its idea into your poem in some way. Now, the phrase:

“Every song must end.”*

Secondly, here’s an added trick. I’m going to ask you to play with time in your poem. I’m inspired by this concept as we’re currently studying Ghost in a Red Hat by Rosanna Warren in my ENG 631 class.

Warren has a wonderful sense of time. In some poems, she roots the reader firmly within a present moment. In others, she plays around with time, not only through (sometimes unexpected) use of verb tenses but by sliding around to different time periods within the same poem. In particular, one of my favorite effects she uses is writing about past moments in present tense — which make the past moment seem more tangible, immediate, and real.

Red Wolf Poems Wordle 31

11 thoughts on “Wordle – December , 2014

  1. Wow! You’re really Amazing! Thanks Bastet so much for your beautiful poetry and sharing what you’ve been learning as well.

    I like the sound of this line: “As the dying day faded away …”
    and the way you combined the words together in the last part gives a sombre haunting mood:
    “The void cannot be put off forever …
    Every song ends
    For everything there is a dusk
    And the night fell.”

    Are these snowflakes that move around your page? Wonderful!


  2. Fabulous! You are a wizard with words, and you come up with fantastic lines….. As Marichu has said, the last part certainly evokes a very sombre mood


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