Tackle it Tuesday – Generosity and Purity – December 17, 2014



winter frost
rain in spring and fall harvest
apple trees
from blossom to fruit
living generously


the seasons
nature’s generous gift
to Earth

© G.s.k. ‘14

Carpe Diem Tackle it Tuesday – Generosity


in April
droplets fall on the leaves
the purity of rain
cleanness perfumes the air
walking through the woods

bright laughter
children in the snow
making angels

crystal trees
early mountain morning
ice fog at night

© G.s.k. ‘14

Carpe Diem Tackle it Tuesday – Purity

I was going to post the first half of this post yesterday morning when I became distracted … I’d written all my posts onto word and was looking for the purity post when I discovered that it got lost in the ether .. anyway I’m also going to link this to fog/ripe or rime for the last poem but also to publicize this great prompt written by Chèvrefeuille.

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

pure earth
observing the seasons

© G.s.k. ‘14

22 thoughts on “Tackle it Tuesday – Generosity and Purity – December 17, 2014

  1. I always get mind boggled by your poetry, especially the Japanese etc ones as I simply don’t think I could ever write them, but a pleasure to read in their simplicity always a joy. So…erm I have a question, I am hosting a weekly challenge/event, started a couple of weeks ago. This week however, is aphotography/poetry based one, a bit of poetry grasped my mind for once, and well I was wondering if you have time, though I know a chaotic season right now, well if you have time to perhaps join in with me and others in it. Understand totally ify ou are too busy, but here is the link anyway:


    Justine xxx huggles and snuggles


    • Thanks Justine for the huggles, snuggles and invitation … I saw that Jen did a cool post for you … I’ll try to give it a whirl asap … but decadence … hmmm let me think … ice cream cones might fit the bill 😉


    • Well … sub-zero temps aren’t nice to travel in that’s for sure … but the aftermath of a night of ice-fog is enchanting … seen from inside a warm house 😉


  2. Ah, a second read makes me savour your gift here, cara! I love them all! The crystal trees, oh my, we see this so often here with our bitter cold and ice storms but the beauty and how it dresses nature for that show wow! xx


    • Thanks Cara! It’s not as easy to enjoy that beauty with the icy winds whistling around you and the ice fog trying to paint you white as well :.. but safely snug and warm winter beauty is so special and graceful! Glad you liked reading this even a second time! xxx


      • I find I read lots of poems soon after written and then mosey on later and get a change to savour the work. We rush rush rush…read read read to many posts and sometimes I find I don’t have a chance to breathe and appreciate the creativity let alone have time to write…then there is work and …then the clock keeps ticking.


        • I agree with you … that’s one of the things that doesn’t click with blogging … the rushing to read and write but then, that depends on us in a way .. we should learn to do things more calmly!.

          Hope your Christmas festivities are rolling along nicely …


          • Nicely and deliciously…work in a few hours and then rest for 2 days before another lovely visit and eating too much:) I`ll decide on sunday if I want to go out of town to see family…I may need to go for a few days to get out of this routine…put my grief on hold for a few days…sounds odd …not sure what I want right now.


          • Doesn’t sound odd at all .. it’s called getting back into the swim of life. Have a good one then and hope the work load is light – Though I suspect that that’s not how it usually works.


          • Early morning shifts are slow as most are sleeping but the ones we do get are pretty sad…I like being of service on this day…my kids all have commitments with family on this day, so I feel good doing what I do.


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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