The Scorpion – Shadorma Series – December 28, 2014

The Fisherwoman - Odilon Redon

Fisher-woman by Odilon Redon – 1900


hot Libyan desert …
cactus shade …
delitescent scorpion
observes her and knows …

The desert
meets the sea-shore there,
northern winds
the beach in the evening,
she looks out to sea.

Maybe lost,
the fisher-woman
looks for hope,
near bankrupt,
to the distant  dark sky-line
she drumbles her net.

Once so sweet,
gifts from her lost love,
vile beads glint
now poison –
chain-like they wind round her neck,
but no one sees them.

knows she’ll keep fishing
(duty calls –
she’ll answer)
she’s not ready for his help
the spectrum’s not black.

© G.s.k. ‘14


Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie – BJ’s Shadorma & Beyond  and Wordle 40

The wordle contains 12 words those words are:
1. Swelter
2. Scorpion
3. Ventilation
4. Shrink
5. Cactus
6. Desert
7. Drumble (moving a slow or sluggish manner)
8. Spectrum
9. Delitescent (hidden or concealed)
10. Vile
11. Bead
12. Bankrupt
Use at least 10 of the words to create a story or poem
The words can appear in an alternate form
Use the words in any order that you like.

What is a Shadorma?

The Shadorma is a poetic form consisting of a six-line stanza (or sestet). The form is alleged to have originated in Spain. Each stanza has a syllable count of three syllables in the first line, five syllables in the second line, three syllables in the third and fourth lines, seven syllables in the fifth line, and five syllables in the sixth line (3/5/3/3/7/5) for a total of 26 syllables. A poem may consist of one stanza, or an unlimited number of stanzas (a series of shadorma).

30 thoughts on “The Scorpion – Shadorma Series – December 28, 2014

  1. Very interesting — the spectrum’s not black — and the scorpion knows she *could* ask for help but she’s not ready yet — a very eerie feel to this one, Georgia. So much darkness — the gifts becoming a poisoned chain, and the fact that she’s being observed.

    Still — I like it 😉


      • Uh oh …. a bad day already? I hope it gets better / cheerier / happier soon. Eerie and disgruntled is good in poetry, but not so much in real life! 😉


          • Well…. here’s hoping it’ll get better and you can get the ickies out of your system — one way or another!!! [hugs]


          • I’m really fairly convinced that now that the boys are full grown and rarely come home any more, I just might avoid going through this stuff next year … and go visit by MYSELF later one.


          • That might be a good idea. Hate to say it . . . but . . . if what I think happened this year happens every year . . . well . . . you deserve better than that. You deserve to have time with the kiddos (even grown, they’re your babies).

            I worry about this with my own kid. He loves his dad . . . but he doesn’t LIKE him at all. Now I’m hopelessly uncool and with the boy being 13 years old there are times he doesn’t want me around. But he *NEVER* wants his Dad around. And I worry that once the kid is out of the house — bye bye — he’s not coming back.


          • Definite similarities. But what can you do, other than choosing your battles carefully and hoping for the best?


          • Yes … I’m having, guess what – connection problems. I’m also doing a lot of cooking as i’m going to friends tomorrow for New Year’s Eve … we’ll be sleeping over, so i want to try to get something on-line for New Year’s Day. How are you doing btw .. hope all’s well with you and you’ve gotten over that flu and influenza …


          • Oh no. More connection problems? Yikes!!! Good luck with the posting!

            Doing well; mostly back to normal now. Phew! Feeling much less foggy too. Thanks for asking 🙂

            Hoping your New Year’s visit is fun – and hoping the weather cooperates!


          • I’m really about at the end of my tether … wrote my wordle poem about it this morning … it’s so so frustrating. Each page takes forever to open … then up pops that dç*Zx?§ diagnostic wizard telling me the lines not connected but all the lights are on! Sheesh!

            As there is more chance of snow, we’ll be staying over, so won’t be able to post on Thursday morning. Glad you’re out of the fog and feeling better!


          • Oh, don’t you hate that? Our connection does that every now and then. Every indicator says “coast is clear” … But … Nothing happens. 😦

            Well, enjoy the break on New Years Day, anyway!!!

            Off to get a nap. Had one of those weird dreams that leaves you exhausted upon waking. o.O


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