Wordle – Dr. Surf – a rant poem -December 30, 2014

Oh this conceited android!
This stupid illeistic dude
full of peppy mischief …
(my mind begins to fizzle …
I spew … I strangle yes I gurgle -)
it tells me that my modem (IT)
has gone off-line,
crashing me into a cyber cess-pit
at the intersection
between W.P.* and Blogger.

Up pops that draftsack ‘giggling’:
“your phone line is disconnected”
(though the lights are all aglow)
with that fixed quirky smile
its ridicule is plain …
I stammer, almost scream,
envisioning roughened bricks
or heavy chains of zinc
to beat in its electronic brain …

So, here I write enraged …
before this glowing screen
linked to this closed off ghetto
made of (uni)code
in heated human exasperation …

Then up it pops up once more …
Dr. Surf ** always smiling tells me
now (maybe) I can publish
since the modem’s back on-line

© G.s.k. ‘14


* WordPress
** The diagnostic tool on my Asus modem

I think it’s rather clear that since I got up this morning I’ve been having connection problems … this happens rather often lately and I can’t figure out what the problem is, since the phone company refuses to come out and look at their lines …  >:-(


The wordle contains 12 words those words are:

  1. Conceit
  2. Android
  3. Illeist (A person who refers to themselves in the 3rdperson)
  4. Fizzle
  5. Zinc
  6. Mischief
  7. Brick
  8. Strangle
  9. Intersection
  10. Ghetto
  11. Ridicule
  12. Draftsack (a bag of garbage, figuratively a big belly)

Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie

32 thoughts on “Wordle – Dr. Surf – a rant poem -December 30, 2014

    • Thanks Micheal … it’s becoming such a frustrating daily occurrence … the only thing left to do (as I’ve tried everything else) is rant 😦 … Oh well … Hope you have a Great New Year … have fun tomorrow evening and salute Australia for me 😀


  1. I love the way you wrangled this wordle, I love all the tonality plays and changes, it creates a very vivid dialogue rich with mimics.
    I do, however, hope the internet and connection problems get sorted for you fast!I know way too much lately about the same problems and how annoying they can be!


    • We might hope that the problem lies in sun spots and they’ll soon settle down … but I’m afraid it’s a matter of old technology trying to vehicle the new technology. My son lives in Padova and in his area they’ve finally finished laying an optical fiber network .. he is capable of downloading a complete film in 9 minutes. Thanks Oloriel and hope you may be blessed with good connections this New Year and will be very Happy! 😉 big hugs! xx


  2. Ahah. You have an Asus modem; I have an Asus laptop. May be a pattern here, LOL!
    Surrounded by computer problems lately. Shockwave and Java glitches yesterday; both the kiddo and the hubby dealing with Windows 8.1 glitches of their own.

    In the immortal words of Bill Clinton, “I feel your pain”, Georgia — loved this piece!


    • I wonder if there could be a pattern there … but alas I think it’s these darn land lines … i’m only happy it’s not some sort of super virus messing around! Ah so hubby and kiddo got new computers for xmas … my kiddo did too … a Toshiba not an Asus 😉


        • Funny … I thought the same when I first saw his desktop and lack of start menu .. but it seems that he’s had not problems so far … hope they don’t pop up!


          • Me too.

            The big problem they were having today was constant loss of Internet connection. Router says they’re okay … but they’re not connected. Sound familiar? Wondering if this would help you too? [she said, with hesitation]

            There’s a YouTube video that explains it — look for “How to fix:Connection problem on Windows 8.1[ERR_NAME_RESOLUTION_FAILED]”

            All I did was type “ipconfig /flushdns” into the Command prompt and then reboot. Voila. Problem solved.


          • Seems to have worked! Things are hopping along fine … I have good old XP on most of my computers … I’ll have to see about this ipconfig thingy for the 7 computers.


  3. Great use of those words, cara!! phew!! tu es tellement bonne! could feel your frustration but had to smile with some of your lines 🙂 I`m finding during the holidays the speed is much slower because everyone is home…my Netflix pauses often 😦


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