Photoku at Blog it or Lose it! – Just a Note – January 6, 2015

You’ve seen me do a collage like this:

photoku jan 4_monkey


I used to post them at Ronovan Writes, who is the inventor of this great form of art … you create a haiku without words by creating a collage.  This one was dedicated to Smile and Clouds.  Well now for my announcement … for health reasons Ronovan is discontinuing the challenge on his blog, but he passed the baton to Jen (in art Paloma) who is a great haijin and photographer too.  She’s been writing with Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie with me for BJ’s Shadorma & Beyond as well as sitting in for the Tale Weaver’s prompt.

I reblogged her announcement to Through the Eye of Bastet for photographers and now I’ll give it a whirl here for those writers who also play around with photography like we do!  Here is Jen’s post link : Photoku Announcement – New Home:

Weekly Photoku Challenge Badge

“Hello everyone! It’s with mixed feelings that I make an important announcement. You may have followed my previous “Photoku” entries at the Ronovan Writes Weekly Photoku Challenge. It’s a fun challenge – taking a haiku and expressing it visually – and trying to connect the dots between seemingly disconnected words and images.”

Follow the link for the rest of her post!

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