A Wordle for WordPress – Wordleing – January 12, 2015

A Scarecrow on your house
And a Glitch in your collective works!
Mighty nerds with the brains of currants
Living in some obscure parallel universe,
With what perversity do you play
With the lives of those who blog …
Without affinity for those who write
Using mere words instead of code,
You’ve now padlocked script images
Making them to fade away …
(And what say you of “Quote”
that leaves bracketed empty space?)
The glamour of your pages
Are without a doubt a plus
But your jagged hungry need
To not leave well enough alone,
Sends up a coral destication
With each change that comes to the fore.
Ah to ditch the perverse codes
That you daily send upon us …
Methinks we might go Blogger
And leave this mess behind.

© G.s.k. ‘15


1. Padlock 2. Glamour 3. Ditch 4. Perversity 5. Fade 6. Affinity 7. Parallel 8. Desticate (to squeak like a rat) 9. Jagged 10. Scarecrow 11. Hungry
12. Currant (a small seedless raisin, a small edible berry found on shrubs of the genus Ribes)

Post inspired by WordPress and Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie – Wordle #43

12 thoughts on “A Wordle for WordPress – Wordleing – January 12, 2015

  1. You’ve expressed your frustrations well. I have given up and just post comments under whatever the blog will accept. Sometimes it is WP and sometimes it is google – whatever. My blood pressure isn’t worth it.


    • Ah .. and I would do the same if I wasn’t co-hosting this particular blog … thanks for your understanding .. and well, I blew off some steam and wrote the wordle so I’m fine.


  2. I’m sorry Georgia — I feel so guilty 😥
    Remind me to stay on your good side, okay?

    I love WP and have invested so much time, money, and work into it — but — stuff like this makes it harder to justify. Still no response to the help request by the way. 😦


    • Which makes my blood boil especially with their bright peppy “we’re here to help you etc … ” Don’t get me wrong, I do like WordPress for many reasons but then again I tend to be a bit of a masochist and never leave even when I know I should. 😉


      • By now I’m so over-invested in WP — the thought of trying to migrate all of this somehow — oh, heavens, what a nightmare — !

        They’re here to help if it’s a matter of “how to use a basic feature”. But if/when their updates make life miserable — too bad.


        • Yeah … I know what you mean … I’ve now got a second blog waiting to be initiated over at blogger .. but I do like WordPress .. point is I started over there long ago, before they were Google. One can’t really migrate a post … I mean I’ve published over 2.500 posts just on the Library! (I’ve got over 250 at the Waka Library … how time flies!)


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