Tonight – Free Verse -January 14, 2015

Tonight seems darker
Knowing that maybe you’re gone
I look inside
Pondering reality
Devoid of fantasy
Did you exist at all
Did I?

Shadows on a wall …
Dancing without music
No rhymes no reasons
Just a wish to touch someone
For a moment
Time stands still …
And in my soul I think
I was not alone.

© G.s.k. ‘15

16 thoughts on “Tonight – Free Verse -January 14, 2015

  1. This makes me think of Lily Tomlin. We went to one of her performances and she joked about people spending time online with “their imaginary friends”.

    But I think she was wrong 🙂

    Still it’s so easy to get all twisted around and wonder what’s real and what’s not ….. o.O


    • Ah … I’m aware of the reality of “imaginary” friends. In a way, you might think this is a little odd, it’s like reading a book and imagining the characters in the book. You get a mind’s eye vision of the people you chat and comment with … so naturally in the poem I ask myself, how much of what I love is the real person and how much is my inner image .. and vice-versa.

      Of course the poem is in relationship to the earlier one about lost poets … and again of course in reference to my inevitable meditations on “reality” and the state of “aloneness” of each of us.

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        • It’s happened before .. think of Cubby … sigh. I was part of a group of 13 poets .. of those thirteen we’re reduced to two we were 4 until recently now I’m the only one who still writes regularly … devastating if you think about it.


          • Wow. From 13 down to 2 … to 1 ….

            Was thinking about it the other day — we sink so much of our time and our lives into blogging / writing — it’s a passion that can burn out like any other, I suppose.

            Still, I worry about the one guy I told you about — the one who just posted “goodbye” then disappeared. He was a recovering addict who suffered from depression– so the possibilities are very frightening.

            But WOW — that fella could write erotic poetry that would curl your toes! Steamy stuff — but not just “crappe” all thrown together — soooooooo talented. Quite a following too — then — gone.

            I remember Cubby — seemed very talented, and super-nice too. Wish you had some way of finding out what happened to her.


          • i have her e-mail address, but no answers to the letters.

            Blogging can be harrowing at times .. I don’t know if you were around back in May of 2013, a guy seemed to have suicided and it was announced on another bloggers blog .. I’d been reading them both and chatting back and forth and I was devastated .. turned out to have been a hoax. I broke ties with them and other bloggers wrote scathing posts about the situation … I’ve become more cautious since then.

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          • Oh, I remember that — I think TJ really went OFF about it. (Understandably.) It was cruel — so horribly cruel!

            I’d hate to think the “erotic blogger dude” was just messing with our emotions (outside his poems, of course!) — you know what I mean.


          • Yes, it was rather messy actually … and I think it’s one of the reasons TJ eventually dropped out of blogging .. besides everything else, that post got a lot of following and he felt that it wasn’t the best he’d ever written, he was disappointed that his other poetry didn’t get better stats. Tell the truth if I posted for stats, well I’d probably have to give up blogging … We Drink was a good platform for that creating readership while it lasted.


          • It was a shame to see him go.

            Stats are so misleading. You just never know. Link up to a big site — decent stats, even if it’s “crappe”. And your most heartfelt, most polished, most inspired work – not linked to anything – might get “zilch”. Best to ignore them … and yet … and yet ….!

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