Feather and Shadow – Acrostic – September 25, 2014

Note … this poem was first published on the 25th of September, but outside of the title it has been completely re-written.

Feather and Shadow

Feather laying on the grass,
Ethereal and light
A memento of a gull
Thoughtlessly left behind …
Heavenwards it flew away
Eastward towards the dawn,
Released from duty off it went
Away, from the noonday sun.
Noon bells peel in cacophony,
Down in the bustling town
Silently I turn to go,
Homeward bound I leave behind
All my fantasies …
Did a feather fly into the morn
Or was that just a dream?
Wistfully I wish, that somewhere it is real.

© G.s.k. ’15

I found this lovely quote on Imaginary Garden with Real Frogs … and think it’s beautiful:

“I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge. That myth is more potent than history. That dreams are more powerful than facts. That hope always triumphs over experience. That laughter is the only cure for grief. And I believe that love is stronger than death.”
― Robert Fulghum, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten


Imaginary Garden With Real Toads

19 thoughts on “Feather and Shadow – Acrostic – September 25, 2014

  1. I’m so sorry to wreaked havoc with that fornyrdislag! 😥
    But I don’t care what your Internal Editor says — Stavros from Minsk is a great character name.
    I really enjoyed this acrostic — and having captured a feather’s shadow makes my mouth fall open in admiration.
    Go ahead — Let your muses run without a leash, contemplating angels and their formation!


    • LOL … no problem about the fornyrdislag … I’ve just about got the poem written … far from perfect … and it’s dark! I just have problems following directions when it comes to poetry forms. The iambic pentameter just about finished me for poetry … Cubby once did a post demonstrating the kyrielle … what i wrote was a sort of kyreille … in fact she said it should be called a Bastet Kyrielle 😉

      I have a crazy editor … no imagination, thank heaven the muse dosn’t listen very often … but it’s a real ghestpo editing my dreams … darn!


      • Oooh— it’ll be GREAT to see that fornyrdislag! I wouldn’t worry about it being “perfect” or not — it’ll be great.

        Used to use forms that called for different meter all the time — didn’t like iambic pentameter. Trochees are much more fun. More dramatic!

        Miss seeing Cubby’s posts. She did them so well. 😦


        • Alas .. I too miss Cubby very much. She only wrote rhyme and would never try haiku .. but she could disect a form in such a great way … my kyrielle btw had no rhyme which I think blew her mind. The fornyrdislag is up, and you’ve probably seen it by now .. hope you enjoy!


          • I’m off to read it now …
            someone has been *pacing* here and I’ve been distracted – waiting for them to leave so I can read without distractions!!!


          • Oh my. That can happen, but it rarely happens to me. I must be caustic or something. You know … I was wondering why Ese never drops by and comments me … she’s taken to commenting everyone, but alas I’ve been left out. But then she rarely said anything to me even when I did haibun. For awhile they encouraged me to be part of a book they were writing of gathered haibun and wrote a lot … I just let it slide by and they stopped commenting all together.


          • I meant my hubby’s been pacing ….. just making sure you understood. I was a bit vague there ….

            It’s 2 AM here so I’m going to get some sleep — but I’ll shoot you a quick email. As to the comments — I don’t think it’s anything personal. 🙂


          • Yipes 😦 … yes, now I understand and I didn’t. I hate it when hubby’s pace … it’s impossible to write anything. Mine has just gotten up and will be here in a bit … so buona notte and read you in e-mail. Hugs xx


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  3. I did enjoy this but had not even realized it was an acrostic…silly me! wow! you manage to write such depth in your poem and an acrostic to boot. Well, angels do exisit but they don`t all have wings. I have been reading old posts I wrote last year and stumbled on comments by Cubby. I noticed your comment on Cubby and boy I miss her too…she loved my erotic poems 🙂 If ever you don`t see me post for a long time, you can contact my son. He;s on my facebook OliGee


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