Sparkling Stars – Writing with Shiki – January 17, 2015


kaerimireba yuki-aishi hito kasumi keri

when I looked back,
the man who passed
was lost in the mist

© Masaoka Shiki

“The goal is to write an all new classical haiku (following the rules of the classics, you can find those rules in Carpe Diem Lecture 1 in the menu) inspired on the one given.”

in the misty morning
the old woman wabbles past
a lonely echo

foggy evening
their muffled conversations
bodiless come near

where I once was
walking in a hazy mist
a road now lost

© G.s.k. 15

Visit Carpe Diem Haiku Kai for the full prompt

v. wob·bled, wob·bling, wob·bles also wab·bled or wab·bling or wab·bles I know I should use the proper most used spelling of words … depending on wherever I am of course .. in this case, I didn’t really intend to choose the odd spelling … my editor tells me when I’ve misspelled a word and tells me before I post what the eventual words are.  Remember, I’m the one who at a certain point in my life was convinced that of should be spelt (spelled) “ov”.  Wabbles passed the W.P. test … so I went to look it up later and found that wabbles is an alternative spelling, who knew!

35 thoughts on “Sparkling Stars – Writing with Shiki – January 17, 2015

    • Not at all but I thank you for your vigilance. Although I do tend to create words from time to time my spelling being atrocious and at times inventive (I’ve lived in far too many cultures) this time, they’re all legitimate words … somewhere 😉


    • Ah … well maybe she’s more or less my alter ego, though the lady really does exist outside of my imagination … at dawn she’s one of the few people around, and I write at dawn usually … 😉


      • Dawn?! I couldn’t plug in the laptop at dawn! 😦

        it’s nice to have a cast of characters wandering in and out of one poem to another – like visiting a little theatre, as you read the poems 🙂


        • LOL … I’m a day person in a big way .. and of course haiku being about things that really happen … and I try to keep to that idea, though sometimes I go back to memory … the old lady has sometimes popped up and will so again. Gla you like that aspect!


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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